Blog Update #1

Everything has been put on hold for the moment. I was under the impression, the wrong one, that  if I didn't update constantly then I would lose my followers. I had the idea that the more Posts I put out, the more interest I would garner. The problem was that my writing suffered. The pressure… Continue reading Blog Update #1


Poverty is Fake? 

Poverty is a condition that plagues over half the world population. But could poverty be fake? Read on to find out. Please note that I am not insensitive to people who have low or no income rates. I myself earn about $5 US a day so I know what it feels like to not have… Continue reading Poverty is Fake? 

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Weekcap and Ramblings. 

On this weeks Super Sunday I ramble on as usual. And a recap of the week.  So I missed two posts this week, I blame it on a hectic schedule and the WordPress app. Here I am proud of typing out a complete post for Tek Tuesday and what happens? The app doesn't save the… Continue reading Weekcap and Ramblings. 

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Corporal Punishment, Discipline or Child Abuse?

PROFANITY WARNING. Wow. This is a pretty fucking dangerous topic to get into but you know what?  If I pussy foot around it then this whole blog becomes pointless. Alright, I grew up in a country which only recently has developed into a more Urban state, hell my town is still considered a rural town… Continue reading Corporal Punishment, Discipline or Child Abuse?

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Prey Reviews Out, Another Demo Story, And More 2k16.

The Past. Last week I talked about one of my greatest regrets in gaming, not finishing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Today I want to talk about one other memorable event of the PS1 Era. My brother, once again, brought home a PLAY Magazine and with it came the Demo Disk; Station 5. The last… Continue reading Prey Reviews Out, Another Demo Story, And More 2k16.