Poverty is Fake? 

Poverty is a condition that plagues over half the world population. But could poverty be fake? Read on to find out.

Please note that I am not insensitive to people who have low or no income rates. I myself earn about $5 US a day so I know what it feels like to not have enough money. 

The theory I am positing today though is something that has been rattling around in my head for a long while and has been considered idiotic lunacy by most people who I have talked to about it. I understand basic conditioning but people just won’t even suspend their immediate dismissal to ask themselves that one question:

Do we need to be poor? 

Everything in our society eventually revolves around to money. Money is the root of all evil isn’t it? But actually it is the root of everything! Everywhere you go, everything you do needs to take money into account.

Do you have enough money to go there,

Enough money to spend once you get there,

Money to get back here,

Money to feed myself,

To feed my kids,

To care for my kids,

To care for myself,

To entertain myself,

To entertain my family,

To shelter my family,

To get a family!

To keep a family! 

Its everywhere it’s everything. But why? Does anyone ever ask the question of why? Why do we give value to bits of paper and metal and then use it to barter with other people for things that they have created.


Why do we do it?

I know why my ethnicity does it. Indians have embedded in their religion that money is the representation of one of their premier goddesses so it’s existence is cemented in faith.

Please note the gold coins raining from her hand and pot.

But since I regard religion in the same way as crap under my shoes, I don’t put a lot of stock in that explanation as to why if you don’t have these bits of metal and paper in your pocket or a specific number entered in an account then you cannot get a home or have anything you want to own.

Now people take this line of thinking to the wrong conclusions, in that they ask why do I have to pay for things, I’ll just take them. That’s stealing and it is not the right solution to the question I am posing.

This is why I again ask the question; is poverty fake?

Because if you think about it. Actually think about it, you will recognize that we are the ones that give value to those bits of paper and metal. We are the ones giving value to numbers on a screen, aren’t we? If we wanted we could make the value of rocks on the roads be more than the gold in the mines but we give gold more value because there is less of it.

But why do we give money it’s value? It seems to me that the solution to most peoples problems would be solved if money wasn’t an issue. Am I wrong in assuming that?

If I may inject a little pop culture reference in this post, how about Star Trek. I remember Picard telling someone once that there is no need for money in the Federation, that they work to better themselves. This idea is actually what started me on this theory.


And look where the Federation is in Advancements.

But accompanying this hypothesis is a couple of requirements. Requirements that I don’t think humanity as a species could fulfill.

Here are, in my opinion, the requirements for a completely poverty free Utopia.

1. The Absence of Greed.

2. A Unanimous Agreement.

These are two very simple yet very unachievable things for humanity to conquer.

Greed is what drives people to do something, whether we like it or not we are all greedy, it’s what motivates us most of the time. It’s just that when that trait dominates your personality that you become notoriously greedy. But if we were completely ungreedy then the definition of ownership would never apply to us. In order to own something we need to want to own it, that want is greed.

So we are all to a certain extent greedy. This greed is manifested in various ways and one of those ways, the most primary way is greedily hoarding money. That account in your bank? That bank statement? Is a statement of your greed.

If I were to ask you, very nicely and politely to give me all the money in your account. If I gave good, valid, compelling reasons for you giving me all that money then you should be able to give it to me. If you weren’t greedy then you would give it to me. But you won’t because you own that money. It’s yours and no matter how much I need it you don’t have any reason to give it away because it’s yours. And my money is mine.

This perspective of yours and mine is one of the main obstacles that prevents us from going to that money free Utopia.

What’s more is that our world leaders are even more greedy than us so the idea that we would even for a moment give up our wealth for the chance of Utopia is not ever entertained.


The second point is even more laughable than human beings stopping being greedy. The idea that each and every country leader would agree to the proposal of abolishing our monetarily governed society, it’s unthinkable.

These are the people who still do not wish to allow people of the same sex to marry. They are not going to agree on axing the currency. They have the most to profit from money. Money is what makes the elite elite. It’s what makes the one percenters one percenters. You destroy the value of money, you destroy everything that would make them better than you. And they will not allow that.

Even if it would solve world hunger, poverty, homelessness, and a major percent of the crime rate overnight. It would be too much of an inconvenience to the people who run the world. World_hunger_Solution_Borgen

But it’s not just them is it?

I may talk about all of these things and how dissolving the money system would stop half the problems the world is facing. Yet I still am not willing to give any of my money away, am I?

That’s the root problem. This system has us all in its grasp.

Greed is a survival instinct and it has been developed within us through evolution. There was a time when if you failed to get the first morsel of food that came then you would not survive. Therefore it’s ingrained in our species to be possessive and greedy. This trait does not go away simply by declaring that you are giving and benevolent. It is in our DNA. You can’t just put a stopper on it.

And the money system plays to that basic instinct. It’s a system that does not need to be managed because people already accept it completely. In fact most people would riot over the idea of devaluing money so it already has a defense system in place.

It would be a Utopia. It would be a successful, poverty free society. But it would not be possible with the human species. We just aren’t built to function that way. Like it or not adversity is in our blood, we are just born to oppose, born to fight, to be possessive, to be better than others. We cannot work as that cohesive unit that would  be needed to achieve a poverty free world.

Now you may be optimistic about it but I am a little more realistic if slightly pessimistic and I doubt the human race could achieve this goal, no matter how many politicians blather on about changing the world and eradicating poverty. As long as we are self centered, self focused and self absorbed. In other words; human. There will be no poverty free society.

So finally to answer the question posed by this post.

Is Poverty Fake?

Absolutely. Poverty is a concept, an abstract idea, our own actions make it relevant but it is still a concept that we allow to occur. Our inaction makes poverty exist. Our actions can make poverty disappear. It’s all up to us. Unfortunately human nature means that this will never happen.

Disagree? Then tell me your views in the comments section.

Like, share and follow if you want.

I’ll write again soon.

Once again this post is not meant to offend anyone going through poverty, it is a concept I am familiar with. This is just a theory I am positing. Still if you wish to be offended then check out my controversial posts, lots of offense intended there. Cheers!

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