Smartphones or Dumbphones? 

The new Galaxy S8 was out recently, as smartphone enthusiasts will know. And it’s even more fragile then the last Galaxy Phone. Why are phones being built like this? Come read along as I discuss it. 


Galaxy S8


The S6 that’s where Samsung lost sight of what matters there was a time when you would have a valid reason for defending your choice of Smartphone if it was anything other than an iPhone.

Galaxy S6

There’s more versatility , there a memory card slot, the battery is removable, the OS doesn’t try and mess with me.

Now we have only one thing that differentiates the S8 to the iPhone 7. Now iOS is reason enough to stay way from iPhone for me, but what about you?  TouchWiz in my opinion is almost just as bad a iOS and yet those are the two main choices. Yes there are HTCs and Sony Xperia’s but let’s be real. The main competition is between Samsung and Apple and if their products are virtually the same, in fact the one that was better is now weaker, then why would I spend my money on either of the two.

In my country we do not have the luxury of waking into a Carrier and coming out with a brand new phone on contract. Here we have to purchase the phone at full price and it’s anywhere from $800 to $1000 US. Now if I were to be made of money I might not mind that price point, but as it stands being a blue collar Joe I can’t spend that of money on something that would shatter on the first drop, not allow me to replace a dead battery, not allow expandable memory in favor of cloud storage.

They keep removing features and adding gimmicks and charging more an more on every release. Can you, my readers, tell me an actual reason for a curved screen? A practical usable reason for that stupid gimmick that Samsung is peddling out to us at a $1000 price point.

A relative of mine bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7, had it for two days, sat on a bench with the phone in his pocket, it fell from his pocket to the ground, the height of the bench, and shattered both glass sides in one drop.

This is the phone I am using to type this post. It’s a Galaxy S5 bought at a time when Samsung actually gave a crap about their customers. I know it’s not great to look at but I used this phone crack free for two years! I’m clumsy as hell so I dropped it maybe over fifteen times! And the shatter that you see on the screen only happened after two and half years of usage and on maybe the twentieth or twenty first drop. That is what I call a smartphone. Ever since it shattered I still use it daily and it still beats the S7 in performance every single time.
I know two people who own S7 Edges and neither of them use their phone as frequently as me, yet their batteries are now not holding charge, for some reason their phone heats up to unbearable levels in their pockets! And the screen inks out occasionally. What the hell is that? A phone is supposed to be more durable then it’s predecessors not slower, more fragile and filled with gimmicks.

I’m in the market for a new phone and you know what? I’m going to get another S5 online instead of buying this new crap that they hand out each year. The cheapest I found an S5 us under $200US. That is a bargain for a good working phone from a time when Samsung actually made phones instead of crap. Since I hate TouchWiz I will do what I did with my current S5 and flash a Stock Rom on it and not miss any of the gimmicks.

Here’s a link to a drop test for the Samsung Galaxy S8. And if you still want to buy it then here’s a link for that as well. But if you’re sensible like me, then here’s a link to the Original Samsung Galaxy S5 buy it, appreciate it because it won’t feel like you’re carrying a raw egg in your pocket that will break at any moment.

So why do you think phones are getting more fragile by the year, what’s with all these gimmicks and do you buy into them. Tell me in the comments, like if you liked this post, share it on your social media.  Links are down below. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest posts immediately.

Tomorrow is Wrestling Wednesday check in if it interests you, or comeback next week for some more Tek Tuesday. I’ll write again soon. 

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