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Weekcap and Ramblings. 

On this weeks Super Sunday I ramble on as usual. And a recap of the week. 

So I missed two posts this week, I blame it on a hectic schedule and the WordPress app. Here I am proud of typing out a complete post for Tek Tuesday and what happens? The app doesn’t save the draft! My whole post just vanished and I had just finished it at the last minute. Then I kind of lost my spirit for a day and couldn’t really complete Wrestling Wednesday, so I decided I would talk about it here. Since most of my Super Sunday posts have been about Wrestling anyways.

So here is my review of

Payback 2017


Didn’t watch it but I know Enzo and Cass defeated the Club with Enzo rolling up one of the baldies. And Finn Balor was a guest on Miz TV where, as usual, Miz provoked Balor until he got his ass kicked.


1ST Match – United States Championship. Jericho Vs Owen’s.


So Owens and Jericho delivered pretty much the same back and forth match that they delivered at Wrestlemania except this time when Owens got out of the Walls by hooking the bottom rope with a finger, Jericho crushed his hand with the steel steps! Locking in the Walls of Jericho once more he made Owens tap and grabbed the title for a surprise victory since people were expecting Jericho to lose and go on tour.

2nd Match – Cruiserweight Championship. Neville Vs Aries.


Aries and Neville delivered a phenomenal match that might just have been the match of the night. Beautiful spots where the fast paced Aries put Neville through the ringer putting the champ on the back foot for most of the match. But in the end the heel Neville managed to get out of Aries submission by assaulting the ref who in turn DQ’d the King of Cruiserweights thus Neville retained.

3rd Match – Tag Team Championship. Hardy Boys Vs Shesaro.


This match was brutal with the Hardy taking tons of damage from the challengers to the point where Jeff actually lost a tooth! In the end though the Hardy retained when Jeff made a blind tag that Sheamus did not see while trying to to pin Matt. Matt on his back Sheamus on top, it sound fucking dirty as hell, Jeff the legal man delivers a Swanton on both Sheamus and Matt and pins Sheamus for the One. Two. Three! Then Shesaro turned heel and attacked the retaining champs from behind and leaving them flat on their backs in the ring with the titles draped over them.

4th Match – Raw Womens Championship. Bailey Vs Bliss.


This was a great  showcase of the female talent on Raw as the match was physical and brutal, fast paced and aggressive. Gone are the days when I used to skip the Divas matches because it was shit! These women know what they are doing in that ring. Alexa especially since she picked up a clean win over Bailey despite it being her hometown. I welcome it since Baileys demeanor is just as hard to stomach as Cena’s.

5th Match – Rollins Vs Samoa Joe.



This match was a whole lot of nothing as it was the scant beginnings of a feud. Joe was as usual impressive but Rolling just hubbled around selling his injured knee and stole a victory by roll up. No conclusive winner, nothing special happened during the match. Feud remains.

6th Match – The House of Horrors. Orton Vs Wyatt.


This match. Oh God this match. What to say about this match? The promo before the 5th match where Orton Goes into Wyatts house and it is set up like the worst B movie horror show ever and where Wyatt jumps Orton in every room and then the refrigerator? Holy crap! Is it good or bad? I seriously don’t know! Then  Wyatt comes into the arena thinking he has won only to be met with Orton behind him setting him up for an RKO. Wyatt is surprised but counters the Viper then Orton is jumped by the Bollywood Boys and Orton avoids them managing to deliver the RKO only to be stopped by Jindar Mahalo who hits Orton  with his own Championship belt and legs it while Wyatt pins Orton after a Sister Abigail.

Main Event – Reigns Vs Strauman.


This match went as well as expected. Strauman came out looking like a monster ready to destroy, and Reigns came out all bandaged up and looking fairly weak. The match was just an ass whopping directed at Reigns. Even when the injured Reigns tried to get momentum going, one targeted hit from Strauman and Reigns went down. The match ended with Strauman delivering one Powers lam and Reigns kicking out so he went and delivered  yet another Powerslam and this time there was no kick out. Roman stayed down. Then Strauman proceeded to beat the ever living shit out of him.

So that was Payback 2017. A Raw Pay Per View where the Mid Card and Flagship titles were not only not defended but the champions didn’t even make an appearance! Yet it was a good show with the House of Horrors match being the pinnacle of mess up Kayfabe and the Cruserweight match being the highlight.

Overall a successful PPV for Raw.


Now onto the weekcap. This week on Day to Day I started off by watching a movie that I had had for quite some time but didn’t have the time to see.

So on Media Monday I do a late review of Rogue One:A Star Wars Story. Check it out to see my take on the darker toned spin-off of the Star Wars Saga.

Tek Tuesday and Wrestling Wednesday as I mentioned above were missed as my Phone app fucked my post off to God knows where.

Theoretical Thursday made a comeback though with the Hollow Earth theory. See if you’re interested in going on a journey to the center of the earth in this post.

FPS Friday had me talking a bit more about my Childhood, specifically the Station 5 Demo CD that I had played during my formative years.

And Sacrilege Saturday had me taking a serious turn and talking about Child Abuse in schools and at home, my experiences with it  and the effect it has on me as an adult.

And today on Super Sunday were talked about my missed Payback Review and we weekcapped the week once again.

Tonight I’m watching Arrival for the first time, I’ve heard it’s great and I hope to have a review out tomorrow confirming it’s greatness. Til then, I’ll write again soon.

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