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Prey Reviews Out, Another Demo Story, And More 2k16.

The Past.

Last week I talked about one of my greatest regrets in gaming, not finishing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Today I want to talk about one other memorable event of the PS1 Era.

My brother, once again, brought home a PLAY Magazine and with it came the Demo Disk; Station 5.


The last demo disk I talked about had games in it that I have since them played and finished enjoying every last one of them, save for Kula World.

Incidentally this Demo disk had amazing games definitely, but none of the games were any that I bought and played. My only memories of these games were playing them on this demo disk.


So Station 5. It had 5 playable games and one trailer. There was a game called S.C.A.R.S. which was a racing game in the vein of Mario Kart which I only found out recently since I never play Mario games as I have mentioned before.


Anyway S.C.A.R.S. consisted of I think  a six to eight player racing game where you would pick up powers ups, traps, shields and ammo to aid you in winning the race. It was super fun and we spent way more time on that game that is strictly necessary to spend on a demo.

Another game on it that was very fun to play but only according to me since neither of my siblings thoughts so was Shadow Gunner.


Now I don’t know where this game went but I would really like to see a HD remaster of this game or at least a reboot. The game was a third person Mech Shooter where you would be deployed in a robot infested level and you would be required to clear the area of enemies. Very basic but immensely fun.

Another racing game that was in this demo was a rally racer with only one track and one car available. It was called Max Power Racing.


I remember us being mesmerized at the amazing water effects that was showcased in that track where we had to cross a shallow river. In hindsight I don’t think those graphics would hold up today.

A game that we rarely played was the Player Manager game.


It was a lot of micromanagement of players and teams and it took a long time for us to realize that we could actually get to some playoffs in the demo. That there was more to it then just a bunch of text on the screen.

And speaking of soccer, there was a great football game called Michael Owen’s World League Soccer ’99.


It was our first ever Soccer game and we played for hours and hours with the two teams that were available; Poland and England. Two teams one arena cardboard  spectators, crop graphics and three years of pure fun.

Station 5 was the last demo disk I ever owned and it wasn’t lost or misplaced or damaged, we wore the disk out by playing it so often that eventually the game wouldn’t load! It was that enjoyable. When that happened the time for a switch had arrived. But that’s a story for another day.

The Present.

Yes I’m still playing WWE 2016 but its fun and I recently got into watching NXT so I’ve built a main NXT roster with the Stars available and it’s fun to make them feud. The universe is immersive, just needs some more cut scenes.

I will be getting into some other games next week, then maybe this section will get some more content.

The Future.

So Prey got released and it is receiving good reviews. Currently standing at a solid 7.9 on metacritic with over 150 user reviews.


ACG gave it a definite buy and his reviews are some of the few that I do trust.

I talked about Prey last week and am glad that it did live up to what I promised and after the reviews, I will be getting it in the future, as of now though I’ve got my eye on another game.

Little Nightmares seems to be an Inside-esque thriller game where you escape from cannibalistic killers on the hunt for you. It seems very cinematic and enjoyable along with a creepy undertone that promises thrills and chills.

But that’s all for this weeks FPS Friday, it’s not being posted on Friday but I will try to be on point in the future. I’ll write again soon. 

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