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The Hollow Earth. 

Did you know that there are people who believe that the Earth is hollow and that there are entire civilizations in there? We talk about it in this week’s episode of Theoretical Thursday.
Last week we talked about the theory, my theory, of the possibility of there being a sentient earth, an organism instead of a floating rock in space. Today we talk about a theory that is not my own, it’s complete ludicrous but at the same time, is it less ridiculous than my living earth theory? Read on to find out.

So the Hollow earth theory has a surprising amount of supporters and eye witness testimonials that are both at the same time bone chilling, and outright laughable. But I’m not here to refute the theory, just talk about it.

The first account of anyone claiming about the existence of a Hollow Earth dates back all the way to the 1800s a man by the name of Olaf Jensen and he is not alone.

The stories normally consist people accidentally finding one of the alleged openings in the north and south poles. These openings lead the way to deep caverns that goway down through the mantle and actually join up with the opening on the other end.

The testimonials give varying descriptions of what lies down there. Olaf himself claims he lived for over two years with the Giant People down there, some claim the Lost Viking Colonies of Greenland migrated to the hollow earth, even them others claimed that there were herds of mammals living below and ancient tribal people who lived to be over 1700 years old.

Now until now this theory has been pretty tame with people claiming things and such but let’s get into the thick of it.

How Did the Earth Become Hollow.

According to author Rodney M. Cluff the hollow earth was always present, it is the place where the Garden of Eden and Heaven is located, with heaven being in the center of the the inside sun. The idea goes that the reason  we are all on the surface right now is because Adam and Eve broke a commandment and partook in the forbidden fruit, thus making them mortal. God banished Adam and Eve to the the surface to live out their punishment above ground and we are still living out that sentence.

What Is In There?

Well as mentioned above, there is supposed to be a Garden of Eden and a Heaven present there, but also there are city’s full of advance to primitive tribal people who are way beyond out years with the ability to master inter galactic travel. Apparently most UFO sightings originate inside the earth and not outside space.


Also as mentioned above a lot of prehistoric animals and mammals are supposedly still alive down there. Mammoths of course, then there are those that are seen in the Journey movies which are obviously inspired by these stories.

How To Get There.

Well the map is pretty open to interpretation as people have mapped out locations and claim that certain pictures show the openings clearly. And if anyone is willing to spend their money on finding these openings they would be able to, according to Hollow Earthers. Then of course there are the spirituals who say that if you do not follow God’s teaching then they would not be shown the way into the Hollow Earth.

Is There Any Proof.

Testimonials is the best that people have. In the last decade where people have a legitimate device on their person most of time there have been no real tangible evidence that shows the existence of the openings or the Hollow Earth. But believer gather together  to rally for it. The real problem is funding, in order to verify the existence of such a place there needs to be an expensive expedition  organized with crucial funding gathered. And unless there is even a shred of actual evidence shown, I doubt that any serious explorer would be able to secure the funding.

So the earth could be hollow, it could have the Garden of Eden and Heaven. It could have advanced space technology and immortal beings, it is a fascinating thought to think that such as thing could exist. Ad if it did then how welcome would we be?

This has been Theoretical Thursday. I’ll write again soon.


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