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 Super Sunday 2 Mostly Survivor Series 2002 and the WeekCap.


Its wrestling once again. Fucking hell it’s amazing when you watch something with context isn’t it? I watched the 2002 Survivor Series the first time back when it came out on a  four disk VCD set all official and running at 1200×800 resolution. Watching it now in Full HD on the Network feels amazing. Every nuance of the matches leaps out at you.

When you know the outcome of each of the Wrestlers career you tend to appreciate them in their Heydays. Survivor_Series_2002..7

Like how Jeff Hardy was competing in a tag match without Matt and what it meant to see Matt play a heel and see the frustration in his eyes as he cut a stupid promo just to get Steiner over.


And how it felt to see an alive an kicking Chris Benoit, knowing that in six months time he would be World Champion and in six years time…

How awesome it was to see Eddie Guerrero in the ring again winning the Tag Team Championship, only to realize that he wouldn’t be around to do it again like the Hardys did this Wrestlemania.


Watching Rey Rey fly around the ring knowing that he would end up accidentally killing someone on the independent circuit.


How about Edge, whose career gets cut short because of the risks he took in the ring, for our enjoyment.


Watching the travesty that was women’s wrestling at the time.

Then shaking my head when I remembered exactly how many times the Big Show had turned face/heel in the past two years.


Then witnessing the exact moment that RVD botched that Frog Splash and crushed Triple H’s larynx got crushed.


Wincing every time one of the six superstars bladed, then watching as Jericho bladed Michaels while Hunter hid the work by aiming punches at Shawn’s forehead.

Survivor Series 2002 bring back some unpleasant memories if you know the rules of Wrestling and where the talent ends up eventually. But most of the time I was able to ignore reality and enjoy some of the Best Pro Wrestling ever put to film. 

Jeff Hardy! Bubba Ray! Spike! Vs Rosey! Future Umaga! And Rico! Tables Match?! Amazing start. Jeff does a Swanton from the Pavillion putting Jamal through the table? Devon coming back to help Bubba? A 3D so long after the brothers had split up? Amazing Pops from the crowd. It was spectacular.


What about Billy Kidman  regaining the cruiserweight championship? That shooting star is one of the most beautiful moves ever put to tape!


How about when Lesnar F5’d Show and then got screwed by Heyman, losing the tires to Show and the double crossing duo legging it out of the arena?

How about the Smackdown Six laying the smackdown in the middle of that ring? 619! Frog Splash! Angle and Benoit double team Ankle Lock and Crossface! Spears by Edge! Diving Headbutts and Angle Slams! Then Eddie and Chavo stealing it from the Champs after Edge eliminated Chris and Kurt! It was almost as spectacular as the main event.



The first ever Elimination Chamber match. This was how it was done back in the day. Have you seen the new chamber? Does anything scream PG Era to you more than that padded chamber? This monstrosity though. Ten tons of solid steel! Two miles of chain! These men are playing Russian Roulette with their lives!



Booker T!


The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!


The World Heavyweight Champion


How about when  RVD imitated spiderman for the first time? How about when Kane drove Jericho through a Pod? How about when Triple H battled for almost thirty minutes with a crushed larynx to put over his best friend? How about when Mr Wrestlemania became the sole survivor and won the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time ever!

This was World Wrestling Entertainment at its finest ladies and gentlemen and that’s all I have to say on that!

So this Super Sunday turned out to be another episode of Wrestling Wednesday but what can I do? This is the Day to Day where I just write what’s on my mind. And there isn’t a day that Wrestling is not on my mind.


So let’s recap this week’s Day to Day.

Monday we had some news that I’m getting tired of writing about and you’re getting tired of reading.

Tuesday brought to you all the Game controllers that you can use  with your PC Games.

Wednesday had me talking about the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, the Lionheart, the King of the World, Y2J Chris Jericho!

Thursday we had that totally absurd theory that nobody read about how the earth might be a living organism!

Friday saw me talking about my woes of not finishing the amazing action adventure game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and talking about Injustice 2, Prey, Rime and The Surge, all upcoming games for this month.

Saturday was me talking about marriage and how unnecessary it is in our society and a smart reader of mine giving me an insight and a new way of looking at the subject, check out the comment on that post, she really gave me perspective.

And finally Sunday where I spent most of post taking about Survivor Series 2002.


Now the Weekcap is done and the week itself is done, I gotta go! I’m watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, for the first time today, missed it in the cinema. I will be reviewing it tomorrow on Media Monday, check it out of you care about a review of a movie you probably already seen. I’ll write again soon. 

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