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Soul Reaver, Injustice 2, Prey and more… 

The Past

Previously I left you with my slowly dying chipped Ps1. I want to take  a step back today talk about a time before the chipping. When I still borrowed games from my friends. One such friend lent me what is to this day the game the I most love and hate at the same time.

Love because it was so good! So immersive, such great story telling amazing voice acting and stunning visuals, for the time. The game play was phenomenal and the progression through the levels was rewarding and exciting. Hate because I never got to finish it!

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. 


This game amazed me from the very start but the game disk that I got from my friend was scratched beyond repair. You couldn’t really work with it, it would lag at moments and then at the first Boss level, it just froze! And that was it. No matter how many times I restarted the game or reset my progress the game would hang at that moment!

Years later I found Soul Reaver again on PC but by then the controller support for it was gone and if you read my Tek Tuesday post this week, none of the controllers I talk about on that post worked with the game. My steam library currently has Soul Reaver installed but I can’t play it because no controller will work with it. It pisses me off!

Another game from that time that I loved was Tekken 3. This was a game that I did get to finish and finished again and again and again. It was great and apparently the gameplay holds up still.


Around the time that Soul Reaver betrayed me I acquired my first ever Wrestling Game. And just like present times this game was what got me into watching wrestling.

The game was what some would say the best Wrestling game ever created;

Smackdown! II Know Your Role.


I spent hours and hours in this just creating characters, doing story modes or having backstage brawls all over the arena. It was exceptionally well done and lot more thought was put into that game then any of the newer ones that 2k peddles out year after year.

These games were some of the last ones that I played until I managed to get myself a PS2 but that story is for another  day.

The Present.

So as I said I bought Soul Reaver on steam but no matter how many hacks I do I can’t get the damn thing to work with my controller. It’s frustrating to the point where I’m thinking of buying a retro usb controller on eBay and giving that a go. We’ll see where that goes.


This week I’ve been more immersed with WWE 2k16. I finally got the hand of Universe mode and started up a few rivalries with a couple of new brands. Since I started watching NXT recently I’ve built a full NXT roster and am having fun playing around with the new talent of this old roster where most of the NXT talent are already Main Roster Main eventers.

The Future.

This coming month sees the release of four major PC games, surprisingly within four separate genres. Prey, Injustice 2, Rime and The Surge.

Now Prey is a First Person Sci fi Shooter that is set in the future on a space station, I believe where the entire crew has been  killed or take  over by these alien life forms called the Mimics. They can imitate animate and inanimate objects bringing some new gameplay elements to your run of the mill shooter.


Injustice 2 is the sequel to Injustice God’s Among Us and it’s not really releasing on PC at this moment but like the first game will be out after the developers have made money on consoles. I hate it but can’t really do anything about it. Injustice 2 spices up its gameplay from the last game by introducing gear system to customize your characters to look like alternate versions of your favorite DC hero’s and villains. Cool concept, looks to be fun, shame it’s not out on PC.


Rime looks like Breath of the Wild mixed with Firewatch. Cartoonish graphics, third person gameplay telling the story about a boy trapped on a mystical island trying to get off it. Probably won’t get it because it’s an Explorer, means a lot of time to invest, which I do not have.


The last one is the most iffy of them all. The Surge which has been described as Dark Souls but in the future. Meaning a grinding third person melee combat based game where enemies are hard to defeat and it gets harder the further in you go.


Out of all of these title the most I would be excited about would be Injustice 2 but since it’s a delayed release on PC it’s the one I am most disappointed about. Therfore I would say The Surge would be my best bet for the one I would try to get if I had the money to buy it. As it is, none of them have my pre-order or buy on release date. I’ll wait for sale for all of these titles.

So this has been FPS Friday, late as always but better late than never, huh. I’ll be posting Sacrilege Saturday soon, I hope. Follow me to see if I do and give a like if you like this post. I’ll write again soon. 

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