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So. Let’s get this out of the way, I am not married, will never be but then again you never know. What I just want to know is why do people get married?

The Correct Answer.

Because they have to. That is the only correct answer because society tells us that if you live together, you fuck each other, you share a house, share a car, share a child and you’re not married? Then you are wrong, bad, sinful, naïve, sometimes even evil. You are all those things because you are not suffering the way that I am. That is what society tells us.

People who ask why you are not married, or when are you getting married are people who suffer day in and day out in their married life and want to see you suffer like they have. Why should I get to live a happy life without someone to yell at me when I get home?

The Wrong Answers

Because we’re in love. Fuck that. Love exists, I know it, I have seen it. But what kind of love do you have for your future spouse that you have to validate it with a certificate from the court and a circle of expensive metal around your fourth finger? Does your love need to be displayed like that? Do you need that security that your partner has that ring on their finger so other men or women will stay away?


Because it’s the right thing to do. Fuck that too. Who the fuck says that? The people who have already married? I know over twenty married couples living in my vicinity and I can say with full conviction that half of them have cheating spouses, the  cheating husbands are proud of their adultery, the cheating wives get talked about behind their backs day in and day out. And these people are going to tell me what is the right thing to do? Here’s an idea mate, when you stop beating you wife so badly that she runs out of the house and halfway down the street, then maybe lecture me on what is the right thing to do. 

Because my religion tells me to do it. Yeah because that thing has never been wrong before has it?

Because we have to carry on the species. You don’t need to be married for your dick to work. Nor does your uterus need a certificate for a sperm to be fertilized. The concept of marriage is archaic and it is high time it gets nixed. Only problem is that it won’t.

You wanna know exactly how many happy couples I have seen in my life? And I’m not talking about people I see walk past me, I’m talking about people I know and talk to every day or at least see everyday. The answer is none. No one couple is happy all the time, I get that but these people haaaaate each other. That is what happens when you have to deal with another human being for more than six hours a day.

You wanna know what is higher than the percentage rate of people getting married in the world? The percentage of people getting divorced in the world!

This is because, well because young people are anxious to get into each other pants and mistake love for an orgasm. This leads to either unprotected sex or infatuated marriages which leads to disillusionment years down the line, then the bickering and yelling and the shouting and the screwing around and unfortunately the innocents get mixed into this, the children that your stupidity bred get to witness this Bullshit and then it all ends in a divorce. Kids grow up in a broken home, get fucked up as they get older and do the same mistakes that their idiotic parents did.

All a vicious fucking cycle. And arranged marriage is worse. Most of the marriages I have witnessed in my life are in an Indian community where all the marriages from my parents generations were arranged. And none of them are happy. None of them. The wives sleep around with their former boyfriends and the men angry at their lot in life best their wives and children because they didn’t want to be saddled by this woman.



My sister married and got divorced within two years, a relationship of eight long years where fights were patchable and within two years the entire marriage and relationship fell apart because of expectations. Now that you are married you have to provide this. Now that I am pregnant and married, you have to provide the money and food while I gestate. Now that we have a child, I take care of the child and you buy it’s food. Oh you can’t buy it’s food? You can’t take care of me? Well bye bye!

And now they can’t stand each other.

You might be arguing that marriages do work and people do live happily ever after. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. You can live happily ever after without being married. In fact I’d wager that non married couple relationships last longer because they have something to prove.

It needs to be decided at the start though. If you do not make it clear at the beginning of a relationship that you are not into marriage in any way then you and your relationship are doomed. Because people start expecting something at a certain point of a relationship and when  you don’t deliver the situation gets bitter and it’s all down hill from there.

Disagree with me? Then defend this bullshit practice in the comments. Agree? Then leave a like, either way follow me to get my latest posts immediately. This has been Sacrilege Saturday, check back in later for Super Sunday. I’ll write again soon.

3 thoughts on “Marriage. 

  1. The first time I got married, I was nineteen and it was because we had a daughter and he was brought up in a very strict Korean family. Naturally the marriage lasted eight months and we decided to end it before we hated each other. Now, we’re great friends that coparent amazingly.

    Last year I got married to a man that I have known since I was twelve years old. Why did we get married? Because we wanted to. There doesn’t have to be any other reason. I have wanted to have his last name for over fifteen years. I used to doodle that shit on my notebooks in school. I used to lay in my bed and listen to Love Songs After Dark every night and record sappy ass songs and wish like hell I could just speed up time.

    So, why do people get married if not for the reasons listed above? Because they want to. There doesn’t have to be anything more or less to it. It doesn’t safe guard a person from cheating. It doesn’t mean that both spouses will live until they are 90 years old and then die together. To me, it means that out of all of these assholes I have dated in the past that have cheated on me, beat me, and left me, this man is the one that I found to be the best match for me, and I want to spend whatever life I have on this earth, dedicated to just him. I hope that means the same for him, but I can’t speak for him. He could leave me tomorrow for whatever reason, and that would be that. But my reasons are legitimate enough for me to warrant having gotten married. Nobody is perfect, and no marriage is perfect.

    I work in the healthcare field that specifically deals with elderly people. So, while you’ve seen so many people walk through your life that are married and hate each other, I have seen the opposite. My patients have been married for over fifty years. One of my patients is 94 years old, her husband 96. He drives her to her appointments, lifts her out of the car and into her wheelchair and then does the same thing to get her back into the car to take her home. She’s barely coherent at this point, but …. he took a vow all of those years ago, and he’s upholding them, even now as her health declines. That kind of shit is what I strive to accomplish for my husband. That’s the kind of person I want to be. Today’s society has adapted this mindset that “If it’s broke, just get a new one.” Nobody wants to fix what’s broken anymore. You apply that mindset to marriage and of course it isn’t going to work.

    Marriage isn’t for everyone. It shouldn’t have to be. But it IS for some people, and that shouldn’t be some scarlet letter that one must wear. “Oh, you got married? Why don’t you spend your time telling me why in the hell you thought that was a good idea.” How about because I wanted to? Same goes for someone that doesn’t get married. “Why aren’t you married by now with a shit-load of kids?” Um, because I don’t want to be married. Ever. Fuck that and fuck commitment.

    Different reasons for different people. It doesn’t make either person wrong.

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    1. Thank you. Your comment was insightful, we’ll thought out and heart warming. I am truly glad that you have found happiness in marriage and wish your family well. It is nice to see this optimistic side of marriage as most couples are usually looking for something that benefits themselves in a marital agreement. You’ve got the right idea and I applaud you. Don’t think I’m patronizing you. I’m only a dick in my posts. Wishing you well.

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