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Game Controllers For PC 


This week on Tek Tuesday I talk about the one of the most simplest things that has kept me gaming on PC. Somehow someway even nowadays in a comments section I will find some idiot who says to PC gamers; “How can you game with mouse and keyboard, it seems really difficult.” 

Now this query would have been okay some ten years ago but surely you’re not dumb enough to actually believe that someone has not thought of a way to implement the controller system into a PC? 

Anyway, moving on from that rant! Here are the ways in which you can use your controllers with a PC. 

1. X-Box Controllers.

Straight up, the X-Box controller, whether it’s 360 or One it works natively with any Windows OS this side of the 2000s. Sometimes you may have to install a driver from Microsoft but all it takes is plugging it in and your OS installs the drivers necessary. It is the easiest way to get started gaming on your PC with controllers.

2. Logitech Controllers. 

Logitech, my old nemesis, has had some controllers on the market that mimic the X-Box controller functionality or establish their own functionality on the PC. Most of these are wired but they are said to work exceptionally well. Except with me.

There is quite a range of gaming controllers available at Logitech but if you are considering getting one I would not recommend the wireless one. It goes down as one of my worst experiences with a Logitech product that I have ever had. Look up F710 Problems and you’ll get the idea.

Go for a wired one if you’re choosing logitech, it will require Logitech drivers but will work fairly well.

3. Razer Controllers. 

Razer has a variety of wired controllers for PC. They are for the most part clones of X-Box controllers that you can plug and play. As of now they have discontinued the 360 controllers in favor of developing their Xbox One market but you can still get the Onza on eBay at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for something more current then the WildCat for the Xbox One will work fine on PC as will the Servalpearlyn_controller_top_2__store_gallery.png which is a wireless Bluetooth controller built specifically for PC and Android.

4. Playstation Controllers.

Now we get into the thick of it. There is a photo on this blog. On my very first Blog Post actually, it’s not a very good photo, neither is the post very inventive but I do like it. Anyways that photo, the first one has some of my various gaming peripherals on display and you might notice one of those peripherals is a Blue PS4 controller.


Now I have never owned a PlayStation 4 never even seen one in person, I’d like to, but I don’t have that kind of money! And yet I still own a PS4 controller.

This is because, if you follow my past stories on FPS Fridays, you would know that I have played exclusively Playstation games while growing up. So I am most familiar with the feel of the DualShock. I like the side by side analog joystick design and the small form factor despite my large hands.

This is why when the PS4 released I was more excited for the controller than the console and I got even more excited when it was announced that the Controller would directly compatible with the PC. This meant I would need no third party apps to play my games with the 9 DualShock 4. This was not entirely true as I like to play my games wirelssly and some games didn’t recognize a wireless connection without a third party software.

Regerdless it is one of my favorite controllers to play games with, along with the DualShock 3, although you will definitely need a third party software to play PC games with that controller.

5. Other Alternatives. 

Now aside from the above four there are alternate peripherals for playing games on PC.


For FPS games the Mouse and Keyboard makes sense since the FPS games were initially designed around the M&Ks but an alternative is the Logitech G13 which I do own and can stand by. It is an ergonomically designed game pad that fits comfortably under the hand and has all the basic FPS functionality much more comfortably placed so that shooters are a more fun experience.

Razer also has an alternative to this which is more customizable as you can move the palm rest and thumb pads around to fit your hand shape better.

Razer Nostromo

This is not something I have used though so I cannot vouch for its credibility.


And if racing is your thing, then the Logitech G Series Racing Peripherals are the one thing that I have absolutely zero gripes about. I own the G27 Racing Wheel and it is a lot of fun to use when you finally get the hang of it!

I’m  sure there are other PC oriented controllers out there but these are the ones that are the most popular and easily obtainable. Comment below if you have any other alternatives to the Mouse and Keyboard for PC gaming.

This was Episode 3 of Tek Tuesday, for those wondering, yes my PC is running smoothly as are my games, the RAM cards have not arrived yet but I’m expecting them this week. Follow me to get updates instantly and give a like if you liked this post. Tomorrow is Wrestling Wednesday and I’ll be talking about another of my Top 5 wrestled; Y2J Chris Jericho! If that’s not your thing then come back next week for another Tek Tuesday post.  Thanks for reading and I will write you again. 

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