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Super Sunday! I replaced Scientific Sunday with a free for all segment where I ramble about anything that comes to mind. Today its my love for books and my qualms with the Harry Potter Cinematic Universe

Hello readers welcome back to my Day to Day. I recently realized something, if you go back to my very first post, it is an intro to my blog; nothing special, it’s actually very amateur, I believe that even two weeks later I have improved my writing significantly. Anyways on my first post I said that I would make Sundays be Scientific Sundays and I would write about Science, new improvements, latest discoveries and so on and so forth. 

Now I am very passionate about science but when I was writing that post I didn’t realize exactly how much effort I would have to put into it. Now I’m not against hard work, believe me, but with me posting updates every single day there isn’t enough time for me to research for Scientific Sunday. Sure I could copy and paste articles from science magazines and stuff but that would be disingenuous and I don’t like plagiarism. 

So I came up with yet another alliteration; Welcome to Super Sunday. This is a free for all. On Super Sunday my topics are not limited nor is my language, just as a forwarning the two S’s are the days where I do not include a filter, there will be swearing and harsh language mostly because I censor myself so much during the week and can’t be bothered to do so on the weekends.

So as I’m writing this Summerslam 2002 is playing on the WWE Network. American Badass Undertaker just delivered a Tombstone Piledriver to Test and is celebrating with the American Flag raised high, correct me if I’m wrong but this was probably the last time we saw the American Badass, the next pay per view he is back as the Deadman, if I’m not mistaken..


I just had to pause because the Street Fight was about to start and I can’t be typing while that is going on, those who read this week’s Wrestling Wednesday would know I have to watch that match.

Now opening with WWE is not a coincidence, this week is Payback and I have my Network subscription ready to go, I’m hoping to watch it before Wednesday then give a review.


Leaving Wrestling behind let’s talk about books. I love reading books, I believe that is one of those things you really have to get into early on. Reading develops your literary skills and I have been reading since I was  eight years old. I don’t really remember the first book I ever read but the most nostalgia I had for a book was Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Then the movie came out and flushed the nostalgia down the drain.

Talking about book to movie adaptations how about the Harry Potter Series. These books came out at about the same time that I was growing up and when I turned eleven I watched the first movie. It was marketed as the Sorcerers Stone in our country but it was still amazing. People rag on the first two movies a lot but I find myself liking those two the most because they were movies that I watched before I read the books.

My theory is that if you read the book then watch the movie, then there will be that one scene in the book that is described in great amazing detail, that you love and all through the movie, you’re waiting on that scene and it never comes. Because they had cut it out because of time constraints or limited CGI and also some things work so well on paper but on the screen  it tends to suck.

However, if you watch the movie first the  read the books; instead of missing scenes you get extra content. If I scoure the movie reel of Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets I find nothing lacking because even though scenes are missing I didn’t know that the first time I saw it and that feeling is still with me.

Now going on from Prisoner of Azkaban, I had read almost all of the books by the time PoA came out, so I’m asking myself where is Cho Chang? And she is nowhere, how about Cedric? Nope. Where is the fight over the Firebolt or the ones between Ron and Hermione? All left out because they feature better in books than in movies. And it shows, they might be small gripes but as a long time fan who had read PoA countless times over and over I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. And it gets worse as the movies go on.


Where is Dobby in all of Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix or Half Blood Prince? Nowhere and why is that? Too much cost for a CGI character. Logically understand that but for people who just watch the movies they see him once in CoS where he is mostly annoying then you see him again in the last two movies, there is no time to make an emotional connection to the character and then


He dies. In the books his death actually made me cry I was so invested in him and seeing onscreen with my knowledge of the books his death did hit me, but that was because I loved him in the books.


And what about the Quidditch World Cup? Where the fuck did that go? Through a bizzaro set of circumstances the first Harry Potter book I ever read was Goblet of Fire and the Quidditch World  Cup was one of those first wonders 9f the magical world that you experience and they cut it for reasons. Probably cost. But then again I wonder where did they use all the budget?

$150 Mil. Did they use all of it on the Horntail and Voldermorts nose? I think not. Sirius_fire-0

What about that weird CGI Floo call? Why waste money in that when you could have put Dobby in? I know why; Gary Oldman? Too expensive. CGI fire? Why not.

As a whole the franchise is a huge achievement but I don’t deny the disappointment I felt when watching some of the scenes.

Okay now I’m gonna stop talking about Harry Potter books.

In the end segment I think I’m gonna quickly recap most of what I posted during the week. 

So we start with Media Monday talking about the amazing reception that Fate of the furious received, breaking all sorts of box office records. Moving on to Tek Tuesday where I finally fix my computer using MSI Afterburner. Then on to Wrestling Wednesday where I talked about the Main Event, the Showstopper, Mr Wrestlemania, the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels! And I temporarily abandon my Theoretical Thursday to review The Fate of the Furious in Theatre Thursday.

On FPS Friday I take about Bayonetta being ported to PC and post the first entry of Divinity Diaries. Sacrilege Saturday has me ranting about stupid religious people brainwashing our youths and finally Super Sunday where apparently I go off on a seven paragraph tangent about how the Harry Potter movies wronged me! 

And now we’re here. Thank you for reading this week’s Day to Day let’s do this again next week as I start again with Media Monday #3. 

Follow me to get the latest posts immediately and tell me how much you enjoyed the Harry Potter movies down in the comments. Give a like if you liked Super Sunday and I’ll write to you again soon. 

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