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SACRILEGE SATURDAY #2 – Religious Indoctrination.

This week on Sacrilege Saturday I write about the ways in which people are taught to brainwash their peers to convert to their way of thinking. Let’s play with fire!

Remember when  you were little and your parents had a ton of advice/rules that you were to follow. Remember when  you were told to not play with Firecrackers unsupervised? How you would get burned? Well this post seems like one big fucking Firecracker and I am waving this lit cracker all over the place without a care in the world . I should put down the Firecracker, I should be considerate but shit I am tired of all of this bullshit.

Oh and a warning, I don’t filter myself in Sacrilege Saturday posts, there will be swearing there will be offending language and if you can’t deal with that then too bad for you.

So getting into it. I have experienced it, you have experienced it, we all have experienced religious indoctrination. It is the process by which religious sects acquire new followers. Every time a Jehovas witness knocks on your door, or a Hare Rama follower accosts you at the airport, or a man rents a couple of speakers and a microphone and yells for hours and hours about how God will save you if you just convert to their way of thinking, you are going through indoctrination.

It is a necessary process because if you don’t indoctrinate, you don’t get new followers. And the most important thing is to get them young. I am speaking from experience because the head of my family has always been a conflicted person but he is of the mind that whatever he believes in is always right and true and that every member of the family should follow his example.


Now when I was born he had stopped going to temples, he had no time for prayers or ceremonies, to tell you the truth that outlook might have actually indoctrinated me into atheism. Anyway he didn’t really believe, he had been following Christianity in his teenage years and only before marriage had he converted back to Hinduism. Conflict.

It was only after his father died, when I was five that he started going to the temples, doing ceremonies and holding prayers. As I said before indoctrination works best on young impressionable minds but nothing converts a man faster than experiencing loss. He wasn’t that into religion so he lost his father, maybe if he had prayed more than the fat around his father’s heart would have melted and he wouldn’t have suffered a heart attack. Reactionary response; join the temple community again.
Its been 22 years since that day and today he is a devout Hindu going to temples every week and praying every single day morning and night. The problem is that whatever he does in front of his so called God, doesn’t reflect in his actions every other minute of the week.

The man is a verbal abuser and a Sexist, Racist, Egomaniacal control freak of a person. Nothing we can ever do satisfies him, and believe me I know that this sounds like whining but it is the unvarnished truth, the words he speaks make you feel like the smallest person in the world. He is never wrong and the word humility doesn’t not exist in his dictionary. He believes that making money is the most important thing in the world and nothing and no one more important to him than his wealth.

I do not say these things to garner sympathy or pity, I have dealt with this man for 20 plus years, his barbs do not get to me anymore, I have developed a very thick skin to his words. This is not an invitation to a pity party. My point in dredging up all this uncomfortable history is the fact that this devout religious man thinks of himself as the greatest man in the world and has all these flaws, a completely despicable man and yet he believes that he is a good man because he prays every day and goes to the temple once a week.

This is the same example I give to Jehovas witnesses who come into your home to teach you about Jesus’ sacrifice and two hours later you find some of your valuables missing.

I thought the purpose of religion was to set an example as to how we should live our lives, make us good people and yet the man who claims to be a devout religious person thinks that his wife is good for nothing more that sleeping in his bed and cooking his food. A man who smiles in the face of people that are his customers but swears at them behind their back because their skin color is different or their hair curls a different way or they eat something that he doesn’t eat. Any sort of rape allegations, rumors that circle through our community his first instinct is to say that the woman was a slut who got caught and is now crying rape.

Is this the kind of person that religion  molds? I remember when he tried to indoctrinate me into his religion. At this point I could think for myself and I had already decided that whatever I become as an adult I will never be anything like him. Because I hated him then and I hate him now. So when he tried to indoctrinate me into his religion I was already rebellious, nothing that their prayers and their ceremonies taught took hold because when I went to the temple and met these people who my head of house congregated with I realised they were just like him. Sexist, racist, elitist pieces of shits that think themselves better than others and put on a friendly kind face in the temple then get drunk and beat up their wives and children at home.

How do I know this, because my head of house who call these people his friends has nothing good to say about them when they are out of ear shot. Just like they curse him behind his back, he curses them behind theirs.

This is the kind of person that religion creates.

That was my personal life story and that might be too niche for you but let’s talk about the Christian community in my town. This is going to be a happy discussion…

But I don’t really care about the response I get from butthurt Christians, your Cardinals rape young boys, you support a shit religion and have absolutely no leg to stand on. You advocate sexism and elitism and are responsible for some of the most blood shed in the name of religion. Fuck You!

That being said our small town has maybe three major hardware stores and three main supermarkets. This is a scale for how small my town is. Now in this small town there is a small town square and every single week on Saturday, without fail we have two separate churches come over there, rig up their sound systems, crank it up to eleven and then yell at the top of their voices for six hours. This is no joke, I’ll try to get video footage of this bullshit next week and edit it in.

And the amazing thing is the Christians in our country mainly consist of the indigenous people, they were converted by missionaries some sixty years ago.

Now the purpose of this stupid, idiotic noise pollution is obviously to gather more followers but what language do these people deliver their message in? Their fucking indigenous language. Whose that message for then? If the people who aren’t already Christians can’t understand your stupid fucking message then who are you going to convert? The people who are already converted?

The reason for this is much more involved though. The reason that they don’t preach in English, is not because they don’t know the language, although that is entirely possible but it is actually because they don’t want any converts that are not part of their race.

You travel along this country and you will encounter many churches but rarely would you get a church which consists of members of more than one race. The Hindus who convert to Christianity have thier own separate church which contains only Hindu converts. So again racists.

Our Muslim community also keeps to themselves and they actually have huge speakers mounted at the top of their mosque that announces morning and evening prayers. Aside from that though they are actually the least racist, of course the Indians hate them because they eat beef, and reactionary to that hate the Muslims end up hating us for that hate.

This is what religion does. Now everything that you have to say in support of your religion you can list down in the comments but in no way do you have a defense for the divisive nature of your religion. The term my religion already states that is is mine and not yours, segregation at the doorstep. Millions of years of Evolution has lead to people killing each other because of what they eat.

Now my nephew is on his way to learning the ways of the Indian religion through indoctrination but hopefully he can see the light in the future when he grows older. I will not give him reasons not to support the religion because then I’ll be indoctrinating him into Atheism and that is not how you become an Atheist.

If you read this post and become an Atheist then you are not a true Atheist, you are conforming to what I call the religion of Atheism which does exist, people like the Amazing Atheist are the preachers of that religious group and I do not conform to that.

Atheism is the absence of religion and  I am not a preacher. Do not convert to atheism of Islam or Hinduism based on this post. I frankly do not care what religion you belong to. All I care about is what kind of person you are. If you hurt no one with your words or actions, if you are humble and kind and selfless and you are still religious I would be honored to have you as my best friend, because of the person  you are,  not the religion you belong to. But don’t try to turn me into one of you because that won’t work, I am not a sheep.

This was the second episode of Sacrilege Saturday, tomorrow is Scientific Sunday and I hope we can get into some gripping science facts then, if you’re into blasphemy though then come back next Saturday for more. 

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I will write to you again. 

One thought on “SACRILEGE SATURDAY #2 – Religious Indoctrination.

  1. ” I am speaking from experience because the head of my family has always been a conflicted person but he is of the mind that whatever he believes in is always right and true and that every member of the family should follow his example” : very familiar. Woa, Woa take it easy on this “The man is a verbal abuser and a Sexist, Racist, Egomaniacal control freak of a person” ; lets you turn also into a bitter person.


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