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FPS FRIDAY #2 – Growing  Pains,  Divinity Original Sin, New PC Port! 

This week on FPS Friday I play Divinity Original Sin. Divinity is Larian Studios pet project and it is an amazing Turn Based RPG experience. I talk more about my gaming history and also a new game has been ported to PC that has the community talking. Let’s talk about it. 

The Past. 

So last time I left you my brother had brought home a new game and a memory card. It’s amazing how quickly the replay value of a game drops when you start to save your progress we quickly beat the NFS games and saved our progress and save for a few slow days we rarely ever picked it back up again. By then we had Die Hard and before I even managed to see the movies I had played all the games based on it. 

Die Hard Trilogy was three games packed onto one disk and it had amazing value. A great third person shooter,  a half decent on rails FPS, and one of the best open world driving game of the time, all packed into one disk. It was great. That is, I remember it being great due to nostalgia. I’m pretty sure if I was to pick up any of those games now I would not enjoy myself. 

During that time, when my brother was attending University, he would bring a few games joke every year so in the late nineties we played games like Final Fantasy 7, Nightmare Creatures, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and the first Tomb Raider. 

Because of our limited game library most of these games were played to completion. Except for FF7. I was not a fan of the Turn Based combat system and I know I wasn’t alone in thinking that. My brother played it to death though, he got to the third disc but then had to go back to school and never got to the end, I think. 

The most obscure title in the list above is something that I actually have a ton of nostalgia about. Nightmare Creatures was an amazing game that we spent countless hours on. It was a third person linear corridor hack and slash game in which you chose a male or female character and went through its levels slaying various monsters left and right. The cool thing was, that in co-op mode the 2nd player would be the character you didn’t choose and it had a no save system, instead you were given level codes that you wrote down or remembered and you would be required to enter the code to progress to the next level. We had played the game so much that we had actually memorized the codes of our favorite levels. Also when you finish the game, you get to pay as the monsters. It was awesome. 

The first Silent Hill game’s ad campaign told us that the pee stain on our trousers would be larger than any other horror game could induce. It is a testament to that statement that still when ever I hear the Silent Hill ringing my heart skips a beat, and not in a good way. This was a game we intentionally played in bright daylight and never, ever,  played alone. Me, my cousin and my bother would take turns playing it during our winter holidays and whenever two of us would have to go out the third one would either pause the game or put in another, less scary game to play. No joke. The only thing this game didn’t do, was make us piss in our pants and that was probably because we were playing in broad daylight. 

Metal Gear Solid. This was the first game that actually made me choose an outcome to the story and then showed me the consequences of that choice. Do I save Meryl or Otacon. Both of them are in innocent and despite their lack of mouth movements both characters endear themselves to you through the entirety of the game and then one of them dies, and you leaf through magazines until you figure out that an action  you took resulted in Meryl dying. So you play the game again this time saving Meryl only for Otacon dying. Emotions man. But of course it all comes down to if you want the stealth came for you next pay through or infinite ammo. Also please remember Meryls frequency is on the back of the CD Case! 

Tomb raider and her conical tits, pardon my language but those books could poke someone’s eye out! The point at which we played Tomb Raider modding had arrived in our country. My brother had gotten the PSX chipped and it now ran Copied games which sold for five dollars a disc in local game shops. Tomb Raider was one of our first five dollar games and it was great. The first Tomb Raider told an interesting story and the action was spot on but all we could talk about was how the main character was female and how little clothing she had on at times. Then the T-Rex came and the game went from Awesome to Epic. Still one of my favorite games of the nineties though I had no idea that it was one of the first 3D platforming adventures games out there. 

All in all the end of the nineties was a great time for us until the chipped PSX started acting up, but that is a story for another day. Onto the Present!
The Present. 

Divinity Diaries. 

Our investigations pointed us straight towards Evelyn the Town Healers Aprrentice she had acquired a stone from the neighbouring town which contained magical healing properties that allowed her to heal the sick but not without consequence however her intentions had never been kind and she had slain Councilor Jake without much thought and continued working in the hospitals. 

We broke into her home and discovered a diary that detailed her exact hiding spot and set off on the hunt for the murdering woman. 

We traveled to the Desolated  Farms and moved towards Evelyns hideout only to encounter fire elementals being controlled by an undead mage. A fight broke out with us four fighting three lease fire elementals and a powerful undead mage. We battled for hours, the elementals scorching the ground and the mage raining fire from above, Madora screamed as her hand caught fire and she backed away from the elemental stalking her. I quickly cast a healing spell on her and aimed a ricochet arrow at the farthest elemental. The arrow streaked through the closest enemies but missed the mage as he was farthest from us. 

Bernadette raised her hands in the air and called into the clouds, the sky went from burning orange to dark gray and the rain of fire turned to actual rain and smothered the fiery battlefield. Steam rose from the burnt ground and blinded us all but the rain had put out the fires on the elementals. Scarlett twirled her wands and fired off her blast spells two of the elementals fell as Madora rushed forwards several feet cutting down all in her path until she was standing in front of the Mage. 

A boulder came crashing down over the mage who barely moved to dodge it putting himself directly in Madora’s path. 

I took aim and fired an arrow at the mage and a second one at the remaining Elemental. The elemental collapsed in a pile of burnt rocks just as Madora buried her sword in the Mages chest. 

Victorious we traipsed forwards to hunt down the murderer however the path ahead was blocked, a dead end. 

To be continued… 

The Future.

Bayonetta is finally on PC! I can’t believe it! It was one of those series which I thought would never arrive on my platform and amazingly enough, it’s super cheap. 

A full AAA title like that going for only $19.99 USD is very reasonable, considering it is an older title it makes sense that it wouldn’t be at full price but I would have never thought it would be so low. Apparently the game works pretty well as a PC Port. 

It is also a direct contrast to a similar release that happened at the same time. Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition. 

Bulletstorm was one of my favorite FPS shooters when it came out, I finished it twice over, it was so fun. But this remaster as they’re calling it is just a whole lot of nothing. A few additional texture packs maybe,  a lackluster Duke Nukem Pre-order DLC and they’re asking pretty much full price for it at $49.99 USD! That is basically robbery to be charging so much for a 6 year old game. If you’re thinking of getting one of these two games, skip Bulletstorm until it drops to a quarter of its price but buy Bayonetta as soon  as you can. It’s what I’m going to do. 
So this has been  FPS Friday, sorry for the delayed updates, my trip on Thursday really screwed up my schedule. Anyways I’m going to be posting Sacrilege Saturday later today, I hope. If your into being offended check that out, I’ll be talking about Religious Indoctrination. If gamings your thing then come back next week for another Game post. 

Either way give a like, follow me to get updates quickly and comment below, 

If you think Divinity is as awesome is I do,

What games you played on Playstation 1, 

Which of the two remasters you’re thinking of buying?

I’ll write again soon! 

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