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Theatre Thursday #1 – THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS 

The Fate of the Furious is breaking all sorts of box office records and as promised on this week’s Media Monday I saw it. Here’s my review for The Fate of the Furious.

Hello fellow readers. I hope I am not disappointing you with not having a theory for you especially after promising so yesterday. Thing is yesterday I was out of town for my nephews doctor appointment and had no time to research as my PC was at home and I didn’t have the battery to spare researching on the go. Rest assured I have plenty of theories lined up only the research takes up time.

But guess what? I found another alliteration! Theatre Thursday, this Media Monday I mentioned how the Fate of the Furious is beating all sorts of box office records and that I might have an opportunity to watch it this week. We’ll I did get the opportunity and man was it an experience. So let’s talk about it.


Any movie I’m even slightly interested in I don’t really watch trailers for. Two trailers, the first two and maybe a teaser, that is my limit because the people who make trailers nowadays don’t seem to know how to do their jobs. Batman V Superman had the entire plot spoiled a month before the movie came out and more recently the same thing happened with Spiderman Homecoming, so I keep away. In this case I only watched one trailer, the first one so I went in fresh.
In the Spoiler free section I will write about those plot points that are mentioned in the trailer and maybe the first five to ten minutes into the movie. Then tell you what my review of it is. Then I will clearly label spoilers and talk about the rest of the story, plot details, things that worked and things that didn’t. Here goes.


The movie begins with Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) enjoying their honeymoon  in Cuba, they get into an altercation with a street tough whose shaking down Dom’s cousin in Havana. Dom interrupts and thus begins the opening race of the movie.

The opening is a nostalgic throwback to the first few movies in the series where most arguments were settled with a race. The race ends typically with Dom winning while flying Cousin Torettos beaten up old car into the ocean while it is on fire!  The two drivers shake hands at earning each others respect, Dom let’s the Cuban keep his car and hands the keys to his shiny new Plymouth to Cousin Toretto and heads off with Letty.

A few days later as Dom is getting back to his and Letty’s hotel room he encounters Cipher (Charlize Theron) who is trying to start her car to no avail. Dom steps in as a good samaritan only for Cipher to spring a trap. She shows him something on her phone and tells him that she has a job for him.

Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) hires the team to retrieve an EMP device from a top secret base. As they make their getaway Dom turns on the team and Hobbs, and goes rogue. Thus begins the chase as Dom’s team tries to catch up to the one man they cannot catch; Dom.

That is basically the whole premise of the movie, which is shown in the trailers, to say more would be to spoil it.


The biggest compliment I can give the Fast and Furious franchise is that it knows exactly what it is. It’s campy action at its best. You know what you’re getting into when you buy a ticket to one of these movies. If you’re expecting deep story telling, engaging screen presence, and captivating performances then please steer clear, this is not for you. High speed, high octane, this movie ramps up, then ramps up some more.

The story worked because it was minimalist. It didn’t throw too many plot points at you at once, the story in this movie is designed to lead you to one action scene and when  that scene is done it leads you to another action scene.


The newcomer pretty faced villain of the story works quite well considering she had to work with a crew, all of which have worked together before. She was menacing and intimidating and actually manages to make you hate her at one point but all the while she is still the beautiful Charlize Theron.


A returning Jason Statham worked well and was integrated well, he brought his cockney charm and wit and actually bounced off quite well against Dwayne. fate-furious-1
Speaking of Which I think The Rock’s character might be one of my favorite characters in this movie. This might be my love for WWE talking but he is amazing to watch and he clearly is having a lot of fun.


And lastly and surprisingly; Vin Diesel worked in this movie. I have always thought that Dom was the weakest link in all these movies, he was great in the first one but wasn’t even in the second one and did a cameo in the third one. When he did return for a full feature length film in Four he just wasn’t as great as he had been. He was fine but Paul definitely carried a lot of that movie. Then The Rock came in at Five it became The Rocks franchise.

In this movie you actually get to see a little bit of acting from  Diesel and it’s surprisingly engaging. The man definitely does action better than emotions but he surprised me a few times in this movie. So much so that I want to see where he takes it from here.



Straight off the bat Tyrese Gibson just didn’t work for me in this movie. I get that in the previous movies he’s labeled as the comic relief but in this one he just pushed that relief to the limit and then past it. The man is quiping in between most of the lines in this movie.

The idea of him was that he would annoy the other characters with his antics but was funny to the audience, and that worked in the previous movies. In F8 he annoyed me and that’s not fun.


Sorry to say Dame Mirren did not work for me. I won’t elaborate here as its a spoiler but she just wasn’t… No. I’ll say it in the spoilers.

Other than those two gripes I’m surprised that not a lot threw me off this movie. I knew what it was going in, and I did shake my head at some of the impossibly ridiculous things that happened but at no point did I hate any of it.

So before I spoil the movie I’ll give it a rating and for that I’ll go to my Action Movie Scoreboard.


Action Packed – 10/10

Entertaining – 8/10

Funny – 8/10

Gripping – 9/10

Climax – 8/10

SoA 8.5/10

So on the Scale of Awesomeness on my Action Movie Scoreboard, The Fate of the Furious Scores an amazing:



Alright! Out of the gate here’s the deal; Dom betrays his found family because Cipher has his real family, more specifically his son.

So Elsa Pataky returned to reprise her role as Elena

And brought along her and Don’s son.

Cipher used them as leverage to get Dom to turn rogue.

Speaking of Brian Toretto, how good was that fight with Statham and the Baby? Awesome right?

Then there was the Shaw brothers reunion, that was spectacular, although it’s weird that the team would work with two people who have actually killed off two of their crew. Turn your brain off and all that, huh? Anyways I didn’t ask myself that question while watching so I’d say the ploy was a success.

Now since we’re on the Shaw brothers I guess we have to address one of my gripes.

Helen Mirren, Oscar Award winning actress hamming it up for a movie doesn’t seem right, does it? And that accent? I guess the movies are ridiculous but that was a tad bit too much, your highness. But I guess she had fun for the two minutes she was in the movie

In the end Cipher got away, which is good since we get to see Charlize Theron reprise her role. She is definitely one of the better villains of the franchise.

And we christened Baby Toretto as Brian and it might sound corny but that actually made me tear up a little, how dare you Fate of the Furious. Anyways definitely not tired of this franchise hope to see more from these guys and with the raking in they’re doing right now I think another one will be on the horizon.

Again so sorry for no theories, this has been a first and rare Theatre Thursday, tomorrow is FPS Friday, I have fixed my PC and am playing Divinity Original Sin, come check out an update on that tomorrow. Next week Thursday will be Theoretical so come back then for an update. 

Have you seen The Fate of the Furious? If so then tell us what you thought about it in the comments section. I’ll write to you guys tomorrow! 

I’m gonna kick your teeth so far down your mouth, that you’re gonna have to stick a tooth brush up your ass to brush it – Luke Hobbs

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