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Media Monday #1

On the first ever Media Monday we discuss the release of the latest Fast and Furious movie. How Michael Jackson’s youngest is faring. How female celebs are posing as Lesbians in order to look cool and edgy. And possible casting of the New Doctor!

Hello and Welcome back to my Day to Day. I’m Navnit and this is Media Monday.

Prince Michael Jackson II – The Forgotten One

Michael Jackson Performs Live In Rotterdam
ROTTERDAM, HOLLAND – JUNE 30: Michael Jackson performs live at the Feijenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland on June 30 1992 during his Dangerous tour (Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)

So Michael Jackson’s kids, huh. Yeah they’ve been a bit quiet haven’t they? It’s surprising considering their celebrity status that these guys haven’t been  in the news more often. But apparently Mike produced some responsible kids. Eldest in Michael Jr., is attending college and handling his own company, how many college students can claim that?

The middle one, only a few years younger in Paris, lives on her own in one of her father’s family homes while making her career in modeling and acting.

While the youngest who is the topic of discussion in, Prince Michael ‘Blanket’ Jackson II, lives by himself at the age of fifteen in a 7 bedroom, 11 bathroom, $10.5 million dollar house in Calabasas.

Now what might the boy have a problem with when living in luxury like he is? Well according to The New York Post; apparently young fifteen year old Blanket lives alone in this mansion.

His sister Paris showed concerns when  she discovered that her brother spends a few hours in martial arts class before spending the rest of his time on his own, either gaming or any other isolated activity.

Now the idea that that this story is getting spotlight is astounding to me. Even though I’m reporting on it as well its just to bring light to the fact that whatever the boy is going through should not be publicized for the world to see. If MJ were alive then there would be a law suit filed against even a single picture of his son being published in a newspaper.

There is no reports of abuse or negligence, the kid likes to be alone and yes her sister is concerned, like any sister should, but publicizing the story just to make a few bucks off the back of an underage child is definitely not right, no matter who signed over permission.

This is exactly the type of situation  that breeds celebrities like Beiber and Brown, kids who should not be in the news at all are being plastered on our screens, you think this boys’ twitter and Facebook feed isn’t buzzing with this news? Of course it is and whether he admits it or not, it’s going to affect him in the long term.

Paris and Mike Jr. might be well adjusted, but if this kind of thing continues then Prince might not adjust as well.

Female Celebrities Posing As Gay


Hey. Did you know? Celebs think it’s cool to be gay! Yay! the hip thing to do nowadays to get the spotlight back on you is to come out of a closet you weren’t inside of in the first place.


Kelly Osbourne says it’s driving her crazy! In order to make the front page of a magazine, that women announce themselves as gay then switch it back off after they’ve become relevant claiming that this was a phase. She says, they don’t get to do that, when she marched for equal love in the gay community until her feet bled and these new starlets just come in just because it looks cool doesn’t sit well with her.

The Fate of the Furious Shatters Weekend Earning Records


Now moving on to the main story of this week. The Fate of the Furious, I’ve not seen it yet but might get a chance to see it later this week, if I do then that will be the full discussion next Monday.

As it is the movie has broke all possible weekend release records with a lot of numbers being spewing around. I’ll spew out two, US$532 Mil for 63 territories including China as opposed to the previous placeholder in the Force Awakens at US$529 Mil excluding China. Now that’s a lot for a movie about cars with just okay reviews. But the reviews aren’t everything.


Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham are but a few well known actors that are either returning or debuting to the franchise. These are some high draw cards and Universal seem to be playing them very well. Here’s hoping the movie actually delivers on the hype and money being thrown at it.

New Doctor Who Possible Casting

And finally I’ll close with the news that the New Doctor has been cast for the TV Series Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi is allegedly  being succeeded by Kris Marshall which puts paid to the rumors that BBC were looking to cast a female to take over from Capaldi.


This is reported by The Sun as revealed by a source as being alleged casting and that BBC won’t risk a woman, they want a David Tennant type.

This is of course up to BBC but it is my understanding that Tennant Doctor became a bit stale towards the end of his run so I don’t know why they would want to bring a similar character back in. That being said, we won’t know until we actually see Marshal perform, assuming that BBC confirm.


And that concludes the last bit of news on Media Monday. Since I didn’t see any movies or TV this week there is no report on that. Remember I’ll only review that which I see. Hopefully that will be The Fate of the Furious next week! Check back in tomorrow for Tech Tuesday if it interests you. If not, then see you next week for another Media Monday. Til then, I’ll see you.

It’s not about working anymore, its about doing work I can be proud of – Paul Walker

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