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Sacrilege Saturday #1

Oh! Where do I start. THIS POST IS GOING TO OFFEND! Actually everything that I write down under this topic is going to offend someone. If you’ve read my homepage post title What is Day to Day, then you would recall a line where I ask the readers to consider my posts as a report and not attack me personally for what I write. That request is void on Saturdays. Theses are all my opinions and it is my views. Views that I have suppressed in myself for quite a while.


You see I live in a community where speaking out my views would not only be considered a sacrilege but heresy. People in my community commit acts that have long since been classed as illegal or immoral.


It is considered the norm. Sexism and racism are abound everywhere I go. I work 10hours a day in the central town district and my job allows me to deal with all sorts of people at the ground level. And it is disdainful how few people actually do not hold contempt over another race that they live amongst. This topic will be further talked about at a later date.


In this post I wish to give a general overview of exactly what I will write about and what my views on those subjects are.

1. Religion.

636076751238811987-1864535060_religionsThis is a first and foremost topic and it will be the most dividing. Religion, I believe firmly is what is holding us people back as a species. It is a hindrance. It was once useful, when we hadn’t advanced as much but now it just divides people left and right. In my community one race hates another because of what they eat. That is the largest justification they have, his religion advocates the eating of pork so he’s evil, her religion allows the eating of beef so you can’t marry her. This is the biggest justification they have for their prejudice because you can’t actually come out and say that you don’t like that person because he or she doesn’t have the same skin color as yours.

2. Gun Control.

Gun and ConstitutionApparently Americans tend to get up in arms about people taking their guns away from them, that’s a hot topic if I say so. We don’t have guns in our country, can’t buy them, can’t sell them, can’t walk into a school and murder a bunch of kids with them.

3. Legalizing Marijuana.TMedical-Cannabis-Marijuana

Let’s face it, Marijuana is illegal because if it were legal there would be less people dying of lung cancer. When you have millions of dollars wrapped in tobacco filled death sticks, you kind of have to lean on the government to not make weed legal.

4. Assisted Suicide.

download (1)

Now it seems like I’m listing topics off of Jim Jefferies stand ups. What can I say, the man is inspiring. Yet this topic is no joke. I’ll explain on some upcoming Saturday.

5. The Death Penalty.

download (2)

Let’s face it. There a lot of scum in the universe. Some of them by choice, some by circumstances. Now you may think that you’re gods gift to humanity for advocating against the killing of a serial rapist and murderer but as an uncle to three cute little boys, the court won’t have much to deal with it one of those creatures lays a hand on my boys.

6. Illegal Immigration.

Illegal-ImmigrationThat’s all we need, isn’t it? Another big fucking wall! To divide you from the brown people on the other side of the border. Keep building those walls America so you can cower under your blankets of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. Guess what?Genocide and terrorism isn’t a new concept and Hate against Hate only gives birth to more hate.

7. Abortion.


Have I sparked those fires yet? I would like to know what gives a politician the right to decide what to do with my own body. Regardless of my gender I do not want the government poking around in my uterus. Mind your own fucking business! To quote Jim Jefferies again; Be Pro Life if you want to, but do it with your own life, not mine.

8. Gay Marriage.

images (3)

Again why is a politician inside my bedroom. Homosexuality is not a new thing nor is prejudice against it new, and yet I don’t get why this is still a debate. Whether a gay couple marry or not has no bearing on the state of a country. And no matter how loud you scream on a lectern in front of an altar, it doesn’t turn a gay man straight.

9. Prostitution.


I don’t understand why prostitution is illegal. Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal? Of all the things you can do in this world, giving someone an orgasm is hardly the worst thing in the world!  – George Carlin.

I don’t have anything to add at this time.

10. Education.

Education-OpportunitySmallAm I going crazy or are our kids getting dumber? You know I remember a time when we used to shiver at the idea of the teacher arriving into class. He was intimidating and firm, brisk in his stride and confident in his knowledge. She was strict and strong and there was a firm divide between her and us.

Now a teacher and student are Facebook friends. Teachers meet students after school for get togethers and you become more of a friend to your student then a teacher. And it shows.

How do you teach your friend? What if he makes a mistake? What if he makes two? What if he keeps making them? How do you punish your friend for not doing his homework?

How do you discipline your students when you’re being their friends? Apparently, in my town, you don’t. Because I can say with complete confidence that I wasn’t half as stupid and a quarter as dumb as the kids that I see every afternoon getting off the school bus.

I rambled on a bit there, but you get the idea, I shudder to think of my nephews growing up like those kids have. When will we learn?

This was an overview of what you can expect for this section of the blog. Sort of a warning too because these are sensitive topics. But topics that need to be talked about.

Tomorrow is Scientific Sunday so put your thinking caps on and come visit my blog for another post tomorrow. Or if all you like is getting in the comments section on ALL CAPS RAGE!! Then check back here next Saturday for some more Sacrilege. Till then I’ll see you.

Don’t Be The Asshole – Jim Jefferies


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