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Theoretical Thursday#1

Hello! Welcome to the first ever Theoretical Thursday! I’m Navnit and this is my Day To Day! TheoreticalTheoretical Thursdays deals with all the crazy theories that was floating around in my head and around the Internet. From fatal theories to fantastical ones. Dealing with the cosmos or dealing with crazy connections linking the story lines of two or more movies together. People love to theorize and I’d love to write about them, so read on if you’re interested…   



Before we go any further let’s define the term Theory. The English Websters Dictionary…

You know what? I don’t really care about  what the Websters Dictionary has to say. When I say the word Theory I say it in two contexts. One is a jargon, used in science; theory or hypothesis is a statement that the aim of an experiment is to find the conclusion of.

The second Theory is an idea that you put forth to you peers, in this case my readers, to posit or refute that idea.

 This Day to Day concerns that second type of theory. The first we’ll talk about on some Sunday or other. There are a lot of weird theories floating about in my head. Some make sense. Some seem crazy. Some are fully formed and realized ideas and some are just wisps of smoke in my brain making my head hurt when I think too long about it.

Sometimes I think about things on a cosmic scale; what is the universe? Where is the universe? Why is the universe? Why are we even doing ….?

I didn’t mean to get that philosophical that quickly, but I do think about these things and I’m sure I’m not the only one. At least I hope not.

 It’s one of the reasons why I don’t conform to a particular religion, it’s not that I hate them, it’s that it restricts me. All religion seem to have a definitive answer to what is out there, what is our place in the world and where would we go after we die. And some of the explanations are so mystic or ridiculous with no grounding in facts or even common sense.

But religion is not our topic today, is it? That’s for Saturday. Today is Theoretical so let’s discuss some theories shall we. Well one theory in particular. The Matrix Theory.

The Matrix Theory

The Theory

Yes yes yes. This theory is not new nor is it unknown but I think it still merits talking about. In two short years The Matrix will be a twenty year old movie. Twenty years and I would still remember every beat of that movie, while something like the Deep Blue Sea, a movie that was successful and a good watch has only one scene that people remember with clarity and frankly if it wasn’t for Watchmojo lists maybe I wouldn’t remember that either.

We’re not going to fight any more!!
So why is that? Why do we remember The Matrix so well? Is it because of its success? It’s popularity? Maybe Keanu Reeves’ stellar emotion filled performance? Probably. But for me the frightening implications that the story of the Matrix told was the most memorable.
The idea that you are trapped in a virtual world while your actual body is somewhere else being used for nefarious purposes while you remain ignorant tapping away on your phone. It’s terrifying!
You would know, Mum
But would you know?

That’s the question isn’t it? How does Neo figure it out? It is explained in subtext but he encounters an anomaly and follows paths, rumors and hidden trails that lead him to a name; Morpheus.

This is a failing on the part of the Machines as their software is not perfect. It allows people to see glitches and corrupted data that implies that something is wrong with the world.

But what if there was no failing on the part of the Machines? What if the system was flawless, or at least the flaws could be covered up or explained as Voodoo, Chi, Deja Vu, Witch Doctors, Fortune Tellers, Psychics and so on and so forth. So perfect that the system would never allow any of its prisoners to see any of it’s flaws.

Can it happen?

When the Matrix came out the movie was a roaring success but the idea that we might be inside a simulation, plugged in as it were, was ludicrous. The level of advancements in that form of technology was practically non existent. But now we just have to look at our children’s video game console to realise the possibilities.
Oculus Rift

Playstation VR and the Oculus Rift. Two of the most well known VR platforms out there. It’s not even funny how easy it is to immerse yourself in a VR game and feel like we’re actually in the game. And this is with just our two senses compromised; sight and sound.

Imagine the possibilities when all of our senses are plugged in. That is the way modern gaming is walking towards, there are treadmills that are designed to hold you up as you walk forwards in VR, they allow you to strafe and walk in any direction you want making the use of a controller not necessary. There are VR Arenas that have replaced Lazer Tag rinks where you can put on a VR headset and go around shooting people in a virtual world designed to fit the plans of the rink.

 All these leaps and bounds in VR has a lot of implications. And once technology reaches the point where it can fake touch, tastes and smells then we are in a whole lot of trouble.

Experts Say

Rich Terrile, director of the Centre for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that a paper published by Nick Bostrom, British philosopher, might be correct.

Mr Bostroms paper states that we are subdued by a simulated reality, controlled by far evolved beings human or otherwise…

 Dr Terrile further goes on to explain that if Bostroms theory, which is essentially our theory, is true then that would account for a number of inconsistencies present regarding our knowledge of the cosmos.

One such example is the Fermi Paradox, which states that with the vast amount of the universe being discovered every single minute of the day, it is highly improbable that no extraterrestrial life exists and yet it is equally perplexing that they have not made any contact with us.

The Matrix Theory would explain this phenomenon, because if it we’re true that we were in a simulation then the Universe and the the stars and planets that we all can see out there in the sky at night…

… is just Green Screen!

 Dr Terrile goes on to give a few more examples which you can check out if you read the whole article on it at the Express.
Elon Musk, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, founder of Tesla and Space X and Paypal, Billionaire entrepreneur. He’s kind of like the modern day Da Vinci except richer and to my knowledge he doesn’t paint.
Elon Musk

Anyway Musk said in an interview with the Telegraph that there is only one in a billionth chance that we are not living in a simulation. Now hokeys like me on the Internet saying stuff like this you can just wave your hands and watch us pass by but when the actual Jesus of Technology, his highness the Musk says something like this, you take notice.

One billionth of a chance. That sends shivers down my spine. Then he goes on to say that if somehow we are not in a simulation then we are approaching an impending doom that will bring about the destruction of civilization…


Okay, I’m going to try and decipher what he is saying in this article but please feel free to visit the site which holds the interview article because he speaks in technical jargon that just soars over my stupid head.

I’m going to dumb this down. He says that in 40 years, we went from Pong to say the Witcher 3, or Resident Evil Biohazard (As a more recent and relevant to this post game) and the rate of improvement keeps increasing. As mentioned above we already have VR, ten years ago even the concept of VR as a legitimate gaming platform was laughable.

So if we keep on progressing and advancing soon we would develop immersive gaming that allows us to live and breath in the games universe. Now ten thousand years into the future at the same rate of improvement it is very likely that each and every home would have a  gaming box that would allow full life immersion down to the basic level.

The probability of one house not having that box in ten thousand years is a billion to one. If we consider this to be true then the idea that we are in base reality is a billion to one as well. Now I have to get my head to stop spinning.

Now the scary part. To consider the alternative, that we are not in a simulation we have to consider that fact that civilization stops advancing anywhere from now till ten thousand plus years and the only way to stop civilization from advancing is…? Gulp!

We might as well hope that we’re in a simulation as the alternative now seems more terrifying than the theory.

How can it be done.

Okay leaving The Messiah behind,  we have to ask how can it actually be done. The simple answer; do it like in the Matrix, right? Jack into your brain  and your body stays still but the mind does flips and jumps inside the machine. It would be ideal sure but I don’t think the first design would be anything like that.

The understanding of the Human mind, we have that. But manipulating it is another thing entirely.

  • What I would suggest would be an environmentally controlled room with a harness and VR. The room would provide the feel for the scene, wind in my eyes, sun on my back, water over my feet, all that sort of thing. Smells wouldn’t be that difficult as tech for it exists and the VR would provide the rest. xLRDPLr6eLWqxcNUvxtG4CSolve the taste problem and you have your first ever immersive Matrix come together like magic!
  • Speaking of Magic; why does the virtual world we live in have to be a result of technology. We don’t know what the real world is actually about. For all we know the outside world could be a wand waving magical utopia and we are being trapped in the Earth world by the overlords so that they could run the Utopia as they see fit. In this case there would be no debate about when technology could advance enough to make this reality possible. A spell or enchantment would be all that would be needed to put us into our beauty sleepsleepingbeauty-slider-1 and keep us entertained with our Googles and our Facebooks and our Netflixes. This theory could also apply if we are being controlled by Alien overlords. Think back to the first Independence Day, how the Aliens had psionic abilities, able to mind meld and whatnot. How difficult would then it be to manipulate our minds through that ability and influence our thoughts and realities.

Why Would It Happen?

The first and most readily available answer is that a foreign colony, a machine army, an alien race, a more superior species has taken over our world and they have little to no use for us. If our usefulness doesn’t require active participation, in terms of the Matrix our minds were kept busy while our body’s energy was harvested by the machines,matrix-fields-and-towers-of-bodies2 then we could be trapped in a Matrix while our bodies are used for whatever purposes they want.

The other and kind of weird idea involves another theory that I’ll get into more detail on another Thursday. The Self Centered Theory (is what I call it).

As it is, can any of my readers right now prove the existence of anybody around you? If all of your senses are compromised then how do you tell if your family, friends even strangers on the streets are real or imaginary.

You are real, that much you know and can prove to yourself, but how do you tell if your spouse is real? This is a very dangerous thought process as unstable people in the past have thought that they were trapped in a virtual world and actually murdered people to get Out of the Matrix so to speak.

And yet you can’t do it. With all your senses compromised there’s no way to know if the people you speak to are programs, simulated people like yourself or not trapped in a Matrix at all. But if we take the idea in to regard, then there is a very real possibility that the only one stuck in a simulation is YOU.

The rest of us are not real, me writing this post is just a program doing what it’s supposed to do.

Do you actually remember being born? No. None of us do, the first few years of our lives are completely lost to us and so we could have been born or we could have been installed in a simulation.

 So why would only one person be plugged into a virtual world. The only plausible idea would be because YOU are too dangerous. Hell you could be that outerworlds Superman who helped people again and again but because you couldn’t die, they got scared of you and trapped you in this virtual box to spend eternity there.

Or you could be the outerworlds Doomsday, an unrestrained unstable monster that can’t die, so they trapped your mind in this mediocre world so as to not be a danger to everyone around you.


This earth could also be a prison plan. Like in the move Demolition Man a prison plan was put into place to keep the most hardened criminals frozen in Cryo so they could be rehabilitated at a future date. The same could be said for the you or even us all.
Trap hardened criminals minds in a virtual world, have them grow up again, gain different morals and see if they can improve.
Dying would be a wake up call and when we would wake up, it would be seen as a new chance at life. It’s all very fantastical but there is, as I said, no way to prove that it isn’t a possibility. Shaking you head in disbelief at the ridiculousness of the idea doesn’t constitute as a disprove.

If your senses are compromised how do you tell what’s real or not? The answer to that question, we may never know.

To conclude

If Elon Musk is to be believed, then we are doomed either way, a sunny disposition on life that man has, but you can’t deny his logic.

There are naysayers to this theory and I’m glad they exist but of course if Musk is right then the naysayers could just be programs meant to convince us of our perceived existence. Sigh. I don’t even know anymore.
What I do know is that this was the first Episode of Theoretical Thursday. Tomorrow is FPS Friday and if you’re a gamer than maybe you could visit back and check out some things I have to say about Games. If you’re all about the theories though, then check back in next Thursday for another mind blowing Theory. As for now I’ll see you.
On failure: “My mentality is that of a samurai. I would rather commit seppuku than fail.

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