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FPS Friday #1

Hello! Welcome to the first ever FPS Friday! I’m Navnit and this is my Friday Day to Day! FPS Friday is my gaming Day to Day where I write about games. Video Games. This can include anything from news about the latest games out, stories about my experience in playing games, review of a game that I really like and shoots on games that I really despise. It’s an amazing world of gaming, casting a broad spectrum of genres to fit almost anyone’s liking. It’s a hard thing to find nowadays is a house without a gaming system in it and to me that’s great. Games are a great medium for learning and creativity, yes some games are crass or graphic but all of them are meant to be enjoyed. Just like this post…

The Past 1376859098067

My history with gaming goes back twenty years. 1996 I was in primary school and I went to my mother’s parents house for a visit. And our cousin had a SNES. He and my brother being 6 years older than me enjoyed tormenting me so they took up the controllers and no matter how much I begged never gave it to me to play.

So the first game I remember seeing be played was actually Mario. Which is weird because you would think that that would be impressionable on little old me. It wasn’t, it wasn’t because I have never actually played a Mario game and I have no interest in playing a a Mario game.

Nothing against the little Italian plumber but it just doesn’t interest me all that much. It was a game I saw once during my formative years being played by my two older rascal brothers who didn’t let me play.

Three years later I’m approaching High School age and my brother comes back from a visit to my Aunt and Uncles in Australia with a great big bag. He sets it down with his luggage and doesn’t talk about it.

I forget about the bag, until later in the afternoon I see a box has slid out halfway from the bag and the words Play S- is visible. Now I get excited, but not because of what you think. I was a kid, the only experience I had of video games was three years ago and it was unpleasant. So I’m bouncing around excited and I say to my Mum. “Mummy Bhaiya brought a Play Set!” Now mums as much a novice as me but clearly my brothers told her about what he brought but she doesn’t have time to explain it to me so she taps me patronizingly on my head and walks away and I’m amped up for the rest of the day.

A day later we get back home proper and he unveils the thing and it was much better than a Play Set let me tell you. The thing was Grey and it was rectangular with a circular lid on top. The Sony Playstation. The Original. None of this white cheap design piece of crap that looked like a DiskMan.

He had three games with him at the time. One came with the console and I call it a game, but it was a Demo Disk, specifically Demo 1. I call it a game because we played that thing more than  any Demo Disk has a right to be played. I still remember the games on that Disk.

Demo One

Playable games were, Gran Turismo 1, Tekken 3, Kula World and MediEvil

And two watchables, Metal Gear Solid and Crash Bandicoot 3


Aside from Kula World I have played every single one of those games on that demo, twice maybe thrice over. I also followed and bought most of the games sequels when they came out. It was legitimately the best Demo Disk ever.

Leaving the Demo behind, he had also brought two full games with him. These were both racing games because our cousin in Australia who helped my brother buy the games was way into Racing Games.

The titles were Need 4 Speed I and Need 4 Speed III – Hot Pursuit. We played the hell out of those games for the next four years, believe me. Mainly because during that time, those games were all that we had. I live in a rural town that has seen quite a few enhancements since I was a kid, but even now I cannot just walk into a store and buy a game console. Small town and all that.

So we played those racing games and the demo disk for four years until my brother graduated High School. Mind you this was without saves. The PSX had memory card slots but we didn’t have any memory cards. So we would do a marathon, stay up late hours into the night playing tournaments, racing all night. We would unlock the Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR and Jaguar XJR. We would even unlock the Concept Car El Nino. But then we would turn off the console and the game would reset and lock everything back up. But it also gave those games tons of replayability.

Then my brother went off to college and the first holiday he came back home, he brought another demo, Station 5, and another game. This time a trilogy of games in one disk, Die Hard! Die Harder! Die Hard With  A Vengeance! But most importantly he brought home a memory card!

But that’s a story for next week, let’s move on to the next segment.

The Present

Let’s get into current times. If you’ve read my Tech Tuesday post then you would know that currently my PC is in dire straits with the shortage of Ram most of my games aren’t working as they should but I’ve ordered some memory to get my PC jacked back up. Until then I’ll talk about the Games that I have been playing before my computer got messed up.

All of these are not really current but they are what I am currently playing. Understand that I do not buy games at launch. I simply don’t have that much money. At this moment the only games that j play are mostly bought during Steam sales and Humble Bundles. The games that I will talk about have already been reviewed and forgotten about by the mainstream. But they are the games that I am currently playing so that’s what I’ll talk about.

The Witcher 3


This is a game that I can talk about for ages. It is the single most amazing and addictive game that I have ever played and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. No, not even BotW. The Witcher series is not something I got into from the start. Coming from hack and slash games, when I installed the Witcher 2 for the first time on my PC, it ran amazingly but the gameplay sucked. At least for me. I mean here I am thinking that I’m going to slay Krakens but I can’t even kill a few Insectoids, on easy.

I think the Witcher 3 is more welcoming to newer players and I appreciate the effort that CD Projekt Red have put into this world of the Witcher 3 as it is just as amazing now as it was two years ago.

The Witcher 3 can be played as a hack and slash. I have seen comments on videos talking about the Witcher 3 that says that the combat is lackluster, simple hack and slash to get to the next boss. But that was done for entry level players and that is only true if you play on Just Story or Story and Sword.
If you even think of doing hack and slash with Blood and Bones or Death March difficulty then you’re in for a serious ass kicking in the game.

My first play through I finished the game on Blood and Bones and enjoyed myself thoroughly this is my second play through and I’m on Death  March and while it’s tough, you really feel like a monster slayer when you manage to finally defeat the threat.

But if I talk more then I’ll not be able to stop gushing about this game. As it is of you haven’t played it, then please do because the Witcher 3 is amazing.

WWE 2k16


Also if you came over from Wrestling Wednesday, then you’ll appreciate that my second most played game currently is WWE 2k16. I love Wrestling games and it is the one game genre in which I can never trust the reviews because unless reviewers are hardcore Wrestling fans then they wouldn’t be able to fully understand the game.

As it is if you do enjoy Wrestling, get 2k16. It’s fun as hell.

Next Segment.

The Future

Bet you didn’t see that segment coming. So we’re four months into 2017 and there are a ton of games I’ve got my eye on for the Steam Summer Sale and some that I do want to play but won’t be playing any time soon.

Let’s start with Steam. Triple A titles first.

 header (1)

Nier Automata is out and it looks spectacular, rave reviews and it’s on my wish list.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a game I have my eye on. It’s a little bit too flashy but not so much that I would hate it. Again  rave reviews, I don’t buy bad games as I don’t have the money to waste.

Speaking of Horizons, a game on it is Shadow of Mordor 2. I played the first one a lot but lost my saves and never got back into it, this one’s seems fun and I’m looking forward to its release.

I’d like to play games like Nioh, Persona 5 or Breath of the Wild but I don’t have consoles for that. I do own a PS3 but not a PS4 or Switch and I’m not stupid enough to buy a Switch just for one game, no matter how good it is.

Now let’s check out an indie title.


Not one for indie but this got me intrigued; The Sexy Brutale. It’s supposed to be this Clue-esque murder prevention game where a mansion is stuck in a time loop and each room has a person who is about to be killed. Your job is to save them. It looks amazing the reviews are off the charts a d what’s more, it’s not full price so maybe I won’t have to wait for sale to buy this one!

Okay. I’ve rambled long enough. This was FPS Fridays, even though we didn’t talk about any FPSs (alliterations are hard!)  Feel free to tell me about your first video game experiences, what games are you playing right now and what games are you anticipating? Go crazy in the comments section.  Tomorrow is Sacrilege Saturday, if you like being offended, come check it out. I write about taboo subjects and controversial topics. It’s gonna be fun! I. f that’s not your thing, then check back next week Friday for another FPS Friday. I’ll see you.


“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” Ezio Auditore

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