Wrestling Wednesday #1

Hello! Welcome to the first ever Wrestling Wednesday! I’m Navnit and this is my Day to Day. 



Where do I even start with wrestling, specifically Pro Wrestling. I think by now all of us know that Wrestling is essentially fake. Actually not ‘essentially’; it is FAKE.  F. A. K. E. It is and for the longest time I denied it. I was born late ’80s and got into wrestling at around ten or eleven years old. And I did not want to believe that it could be fake, but as I grew older, and a little smarter I grew to understand what Professional Wrestling really is and frankly it is in actuality much better than just two combatants coming into an arena and fighting using their skills. first of all, that is called amateur wrestling and it is boring.

How many stadiums do you think amateur wrestling shows fill out every week? Anyway I’m not writing to convince you to watch wrestling. I’m writing to talk about my passion for wrestling.

As I said I started watching wrestling around the time when the Attitude Era was coming down to a close. This period many fans argue is the Golden age of Wrestling, not because its old but because this Era consisted of most of those superstars that put Professional Wrestling on the map.

People might not have watched a wrestling match ever, or watched a few and shut it down in disgust but everyone knows who we are talking about when we bring up Dwayne Johnson or Steve Austin or Triple H. These people were the Wrestlers who paved the way for the current stars in the business and they were the reason  why everyone who watched Wrestling when I did, wants the Attitude Era to come back.

I’m not one of those people because I know that some things have to come to an end eventually. What those people want will never return because those times were different than what it is now. WWE has evolved past that version of edgy entertainment where half the promos were either Sexist, Racist or downright ridiculous. Also that Era would not even survive past its first OHS review.

Whether we like it or not the WWE we have now is the only version that can survive at the top. If we consider the type of Wrestling that Attitude Era fans want to see then we could look at wrestling Brands like Ring of Honor or Lucha Underground. Their style of Wrestling caters to a specific target audience whereas WWEs style is more family friendly, I do not need to tell you which style is more successful or garners the most viewers.

Like it or not Professional Wrestling is a business not a sport and as such they have got to always do, to use a phrase from Triple H, what’s best for business. And the PG Era is best for business.

Now I will admit when the Ruthless Aggression Era ended I did turn away from Wrestling. It became something that I didn’t enjoy anymore and I didn’t want to waste any more time with it. And I stayed away until I heard that the Streak had ended. Now to a dedicated former Wrestling fan, you could imagine what that news meant.

So I watched Wrestlemania 30 and it was shocking! And the streak match was not the only spectacular match of the night as Daniel Bryan picked up the win against Orton and Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Then I found out that Triple H had feuded with the Undertaker two years in a row to try and defeat the Phenom and failed. So I watched those matches too and enjoyed myself so much that I thought I would get back into it. And then I didn’t, because I figured out that even then the only thing exciting about the WWE was Daniel Bryan. And he retired a few months after Wrestlemania 30.

It was only in 2016 when my brother received codes for WWE 2K16 in his Humble Monthly Bundle that I got back into it. I booted up 2k16 and looked at the roster and realised that I didn’t know half the Superstars in the current roster. I knew then that I had to start watching again.

And I have to say the current talent and the push that some Superstars are receiving has me intrigued. A lot of talent has been pulled from the Indie scene. Guys like AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, Superstars that people said would  ever be seen inside a WWE ring are now thriving in NXT and even dominating the main roster.

The only dark cloud in the sky seems to be Roman Reigns and WWEs refusal to acknowledge that he is never going to be as over as they want him to be. But even that seems to be clearing up with recent events in mind. And on that note I’ll put a plug into this and move on to the next segment.

WWE RAW 10/04 – Superstar Shakeup (Pt1)

I say Part 1 because apparently the Shakeup will continue on tomorrow night’s Smackdown and I’ll do a small post regarding that but let me preface this segment to say that I am not going to make a weekly habit of commenting on Raw and Smackdown matches that’s not what Wrestling Wednesday is about. It’s more about what I like about Wrestling, my past favorite matches, my favorite and least favorite superstars, storylines, feuds and controversies regarding the Pro Wrestling business.

I will comment on goings on Raw and Smackdown that I find interesting but in no way is this a weekly news report or review of the WWE. If you’re looking for that sort of thing then I would recommend What Culture Wrestling on YouTube that’s where I get all my WWE updates.

Now that thats out of the way here’s the Shakeup or Draft as it should be called.

First announcement was a pretty lackluster one as Apollo Crews moved to Raw. Then in between segments more of theses came in with Heath Slater and Rhyno and Kalisto being drafted to Raw as well.

The first major Draft happened in dramatic fashion as the TD Garden Arena erupted when John Cena’s music hit. But it was shades of last week on Smackdown when Miz and Maryse dressed up as Cena and Nikki. It was a clever little fake out and it made way for the next draft pick in Dean Ambrose being drafted bringing the Intercontinental Championship to Raw.

The women’s division saw a few shakups as well when Alexa Bliss and Mickie James interrupted Shasha and Baileys weird praising each other promo and then all of them were laid out by a rampaging Nia Jax who is most probably being drafted to Smackdown tomorrow along with Charlotte, probably.

And finally Jindar Mahal was jobbed out to Finn Balor so that a newly drafted Bray Wyatt could cut a weird mystic promo on the Titantron to supposedly freak out Balor. This signals a feud between Bray and Balor which begs the question, what happened to his ongoing feud with the Smackdown Champ Orton? Are they going to just drop the storyline midway? We’ll see.

The Raw Draft Picks

So that concludes the Superstar Shakeup as Vince calls it, Styles and Cena remain on Smackdown although Cena’s so part time he may as well not be there.

The Raw episodes concluded with a Champion vs Champion match in Owen’s was pinned by Ambrose then beat up by an interfering Jericho. There was a heel turn somewhere in between the matches as well; Perkins went berserk on Aries after their match finished while King Neville looked on with laughter. All in all a stellar episode of Raw and a great start after a great Wrestlemania. Oh and Reigns got tossed around by Strauman backstage if you care about that at all.

WWE Smackdown 11/04 – Superstar Shakeup (Pt 2)

As expected since Ambrose took the IC title to Raw, Smackdown opened to Kevin Owen’s bringing the US title to Smackdown! Then continues an inring promo including Owens, Baron Corbin, A J Styles and the second major draft pick from Raw Sami Zayn. This promo led to the Smackdown Live main event of Zayn vs Corbin vs Styles for the #1 Contender spot for the US title after Payback.

After a tag team title match between the Usos and American Alpha where the Usos retained, the Shining Stars ran in being the next two draft picks, and attacked American Alpha.

Later Shane put on a show of introducing a new draft pick for the women’s division  that we all thought would be Charlotte but was actually Tamina but then Charlotte did come on so I don’t know what the misdirection was for.

And three promos were cut where Lana and a the still injured Rusev were drafted to Smackdown Live, and so we’re The New Day.

Finally the main event triple threat match was won by Styles so he will be competing for the US Title in the near future.

The Smackdown Live Draft Picks

Smackdown closed strong with plenty of new members of the roster in Tamina, Charlotte, Primo, Epico, Rusev, Lana, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Wood, Big E, Zayn and Owens. Combined with talent like Styles, Orton, Cena (sometimes), Ziggler and Nakamura makes for a formidable brand. I think Smackdown got the better end of this Shakeup. If you feel otherwise go crazy in the comments section.

Oh and Jindar Mahal got drafted as well, if anyone cares…

So that concludes the very first episode of Wrestling Wednesday. Did you enjoy the Superstar Shakeup? Were your predictions spot on? Do you prefer the Attitude Era to the PG Era? The comments section is yours, go crazy! Tomorrow is Theoretical Thursday where I’ll be posting forwards a weird theory, mine or someone else’s, and discussing it. If that’s your thing, check back here tomorrow. If it’s not and you only enjoy Wrestling then come back next Wednesday and I’ll have something else for you to sink you teeth into.


And that’s the bottom line…

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