What is Day to Day?

Welcome to My Day to Day. My Name is Navnit. This  Blog is designed to be an outlet for all the things that go around in my head day in and out. Every day of the week will be a topical day concerning things that I and hopefully my readers will be interested in. My interests are vast and broad. Ranging from Science to Entertainment and everything in between.

Mondays will be Media Mondays where I will talk Entertainment including recent Movies that are out, TV Shows that I’m watching and any hot Media related news that is swarming the Net.

Tuesdays are Tech Tuesdays, not very  imaginative I know but that’s what you get with alliterations. The name fits though because I am a little tech savvy, self learned, and maybe through this topic I will be able to get better. This topic will include anything technology related from new, amazing technology to my personal gripes with my smartphone and of course the latest bug that’s causing my PC to crash!

Wednesdays are Wrestling Wednesdays. A bit out of left field I know but it is a topic that I am passionate about. I love Pro Wrestling and everything that it entails. The major wrestling promotion, the WWE,  holds its TV Shows on Mondays and Tuesdays, Raw And Smackdown respectively so talking about them after the shows air seems to make sense. The Pay Per Views will have a special update after they come out which I’ll elaborate on after the next one comes out.

Thursday…. Uhh… I’m out of alliterations…Oh wait! Theoretical Thursdays! Yeah! So this one will consist of the wildest theories out there some will be mine but I can’t mine that forever so they will also include crazy conspiracy theories, Movie and TV speculations and fan theories and  even the Pythagoras Theory! . . . .

Maybe not that one.

Now Fridays will be FPS Fridays. Gamers beware. Actually don’t beware because I’m not really a serious gamer, more of a casual one. I don’t play Multiplayer and am not a completion-ist but I do love games, and I love playing them. This days topic will see me raving about past and present games that I loved, how I started gaming and any and all news and happenings in the gaming industry.

Saturdays… hmm… Saturdays will be Sacrilege Saturdays. This will probably be my most controversial topic but I hope I have open minded enough readers that will not leave scathing comments without considering my perspective. This topic will deal with religion and not necessarily my stance on it but exactly what it means to be religious, what it stands for. It will also broach controversial topics that most people don’t talk about. Please understand I am no prophet or atheist preacher. I would just like to provide a perspective on these topics.

And finally Sundays are Scientific Sundays! This day will deal with everything to do with Science, the wonders of Scientific Discovery the leaps and bounds that science has achieved in our world and also the detractions it has caused. I will talk about science and it’s impact on my life and why I advocate it.

Please understand that whatever topic that I write about is my report on that topic. Unless stated otherwise it is not an advocation towards or against that topic. I will advocate things from time to time in one post or other, feel free to attack me then but most of the time I will be talking about a topic not preaching about it. Don’t feel inclined to convert to my way of thinking in regards to any post that I make. Our different views and ideal make each of us unique. Don’t be a sheep and make me into a Shepard. I wouldn’t last two days in a farm…

And that’s my first post! An introduction  that hopefully intrigued you enough to check out some of my next ones. Until then I’ll see you.

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