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Welcome to the first ever TekTuesday presented by Navnits Day to Day! (I know it’s a silly name, tell me if you’ve got a better one!) I’m Navnit and today I’m writing about the Stupid! Idiotic! Logitech Devices. The G series to be specific.


I have owned or used virtually every G Series product that Logitech has pawned out to us consumers over the years. I own the G-13 FPS Keyboard, The G-27 Driving Game Steering Wheel, heck I even have the Extreme Pro 3D Flight Stick! Which I have literally never used! But so much was my trust in Logitech four years ago that I spent tons of money on these products that sit there gathering dust beside my gaming rig.

But those aforementioned G Series controllers actually work as they’re supposed to, we’ll most of the time. What this post is about; is the G-430 Headset that I bought from them recently.



Now my readers might be wondering what could be so frustrating about a simple pair of Headsets. And that’s exactly what I thought when I plugged the thing in yesterday.

At this point I must iterate that most of the games that I have installed on my PC require a minimum of 6 gigs of RAM  to run properly but as of a recent motherboard change two sticks of my 12 Gigs of RAM have been rendered obsolete as they are not compatible with the motherboard I replaced my old one with. Unfortunately the pair that was wasted was two sticks with 4 gigs each. Which means I went from a 12 gig Memory Rig to a 4 gig Memory Rig in a matter of hours.

My games started crashing when the limited amount of RAM couldn’t keep up with The Witcher 3 even in low settings. Having a full to the brim storage drive I freed up some storage space to act as virtual RAM and viola it started working. No more crashes. Until…

Until yesterday when I plugged in that darned G-430. Now games that weren’t even crashing with limited Memory started crashing when yesterday it worked completely fine.  The only change was me plugging that G-430 USB Adapter into the Rig. As soon as it loaded it’s drivers, boom the thing stopped working.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, I remember a while back when I started using my G13


for FPSs and forgot to unplug it when done, it would interfere with my Xbox Controller that I used to play Third Person Games. This seems to be a theme with Logitech.

The first thing I did when the games started crashing was get onto eBay and order some Corsair 2x2GB RAM then I contemplated whether or not to take a hammer to the damn headset, in the end I put the hammer down and picked up the mouse. My PCs backing up as I’m writing and when I’m done I’m resetting Windows 10 to see if the crashing stops. It’s gonna be tedious but I have to admit the new features in Windows 10 make the task a whole less strenuous. Speaking of which;

Windows 10 is freaking amazing sometimes.


Now I have been building my own PCs for the last six years and my first build ran a copy of Windows 7 Professional and in between that time and my switch to Windows 10 I have, for one reason or other, probably reformatted and reinstalled Windows on my PC maybe five times. All of those times took maybe one to one and a half hours, I had to back up each and every file and then I had to reinstall all the programs that I had lost in the formatting. The migraines were legendary during that period.

Now with Windows 10 and an SSD as my Local Disk it’s ‘blink and you’ve missed it’. Well it’s not really that fast but it may as well be compared to my old HDD Local Disk and Windows 7 setup. W10 takes maybe as long as fifteen minutes if even that. All I know is I sat down to do a clean Windows 10 install, set everything up and thought to myself that I might as well get something to eat since this is going to take ages, I come back fifteen minutes later to snatch up my phone and the Windows 10 desktop is staring at me through my TV! It was freaky.


What’s also freaky is that; recently I changed my motherboard and CPU but when I turned the Rig on it booted up the copy of Windows 10 I had installed on the SSD! Here I was thinking that now that my motherboard is fried I’m going it have to install a new copy of Windows 10 and install all new apps and go through all the slog that usually accompanies a motherboard and CPU change, and it turns out that if you have Windows 10 installed on your Local Disk it will boot that OS up regardless of hardware changes.

This makes your, and my, copy of Windows 10 essentially portable! Slap on a 250GB SSD to your rig and you can carry your PC in your pocket with your documents, maybe some music and a few videos, hell with 250GB you could chuck in a few Steam games on that Drive and as long as you find a working current gen (i3, i5 or i7) PC you can unplug their Local Disk, plug in your SSD and have your PC On The Go!

Now that’s technology for you. To think 20 years ago the PC I was using was slower than the one I’m carrying around in my pocket making calls and playing games on. I can barely keep up!

So at the end of this post I ask my readers if they have noticed any amazing features that Windows 10 had to offer that Windows 7 lacked. Do you prefer W10 or W7 and have you encountered a Logitech product that has made you want to smash it to pieces after your first use. The comment section is yours, go crazy.

If you’re into Wrestling then tomorrow I’ll be back with the first ever segment of Wrestling Wednesday and if you just like Tech then come by next Tuesday for the second episode of Tek Tuesday. Until then I’ll see you.

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